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North P&I Club Partners with GRAY PAGE to vet Armed Maritime Security Providers for Members

Helping its members to identify the right AMSPs The 'A' rated 150 million GT North P&I club has joined forces with specialist maritime intelligence, investigation and crisis management company GRAY PAGETM, to vet armed maritime security providers (AMSPs) on behalf of the club's members.In partnership with GRAY PAGETM, North's aim is to help its members identify AMSPs whose governance and operations meet - at the time the vetting is carried out - the professional, legal and ethical standards required by a shipowner or operator contemplating the use of privately contracted armed security personnel on board a vessel entered with the club.'An increasing number of shipowners and operators are considering the use of armed guards to defend their vessels and crew from Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden and wider Indian Ocean,' says North director, Mike Salthouse. 'Despite recent IMO guidelines on the appointment of privately contracted armed guards, this remains a complex decision".On 23 May 2011 the IMO's maritime safety committee (MSC) published Interim guidance to shipowners, ship operators, and shipmasters on the use of privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships in the 'High Risk Area' (MSC.1/Circ.1405). Although not endorsing the use of PCASP, nor addressing ...

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The North of England P&I CLub hosts Sanctions, Drugs & Guns Seminar

Pirate attacks, political sanctions and drug trafficking havebecome critical issues Over 100 representatives from the German shipping community attended a seminar entitled 'Sanctions, Drugs and Guns' in Germany on 15 September 2011, which was hosted by the 'A' rated 150 million GT North P&I club.Simon Williams, North's associate director and joint regional head for Germany, told delegates that pirate attacks, political sanctions and drug trafficking were becoming critical issues for the global shipping industry and its insurers. 'It is thus vital that we debate these issues as fully and openly as possible in the search for practical solutions,' he said.The event at Le Royal Méridien hotel in Hamburg focused specifically on dealing with political sanctions, drug smugglers and armed pirates, with Iran, Venezuela and Somalia cited as examples respectively. Speakers included North FD&D associate director Mark Robinson, claims manager Henry Woods, senior claims executive Joanne Clark, claims executive Catherine Doyle and a representative of Terra Firma Risk Management, which specialises in negotiated solutions to kidnap and piracy.According to Doyle, 'With the International Maritime Bureau's Piracy Reporting Centre recording 326 piracy attacks and 33 hijacked vessels already in 2011, and guidance published in May by the International Maritime Organization on the ...

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North P&I Club launches popular P&I and loss-prevention course in Asia-Pacific

In Singapore on 16-21 October 2011 The 'A' rated 150 million GT North P&I club is launching an Asia-Pacific version of its highly popular one-week residential course in P&I insurance and loss prevention next month. The first course will take place at the Shangri La's Rasa Sentosa Resort in Singapore on 16-21 October 2011.According to the club's head of loss prevention Tony Baker, 'We have been running a one-week residential course in P&I insurance and loss prevention in the UK for nearly 20 years now. It has been attended by hundreds of delegates from all over the world, many of whom have since moved on to senior positions in the shipping industry.'In that time North has grown to one of the largest P&I clubs in the world and nearly a quarter of our tonnage now comes from the Asia-Pacific region. We have therefore decided to hold an Asia-Pacific version of the course based in Singapore. It is primarily tailored to the needs of our members' seagoing and shore-based staff in the region but is also open to other representatives of the Asia-Pacific maritime community.'The aim of the course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to P&I liabilities in respect of ...

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The North of England P&I Club issues LP Briefing Piracy – GOA and Indian Ocean

Regarding piracy in Somalia and Gulf of Aden The North of England P&I Club issues LP Briefing Piracy - GOA and Indian Ocean regarding piracy in Somalia and Gulf of Aden.Since the beginning og 2011 more than 150 piracy attacks have been reported off the Coast of Somalia and the number of vessels hijacked by pirate gangs currently stands at 21 with over 350 marines held hostage.While this region was know to be volatile and subject to piracy incidents for a number of years, a new political force emerged in Southern Somalia during 2006 with an apparent mandate to eradicate local pirate activity.Please click here to view the LP Briefing Piracy - GOA and Indian OceanSource: The North of England P&I Club

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IG charter party clause for bulk cargoes that may liquefy

Information provided by the North of Engalnd P&I Club The North of England P&I Club issues circular rgarding IG charter party clause for bulk cargoes that may liquefy as follows:As part of the IG's response to the continuing problems faced by members when fixing to carry IMSBC Code Group A cargoes (thosewith a propensity to liquefy), the Claims Co-op SC has produced a comprehensivecharter partyclause that it considers suitable to protect the interests of members.Solid bulk cargoes are to be presented for carriage, loaded, (and where necessary trimmed) only so far as lawful and harmless, and always in compliance with all applicable international regulations, including IMSBC Code 2009 (as may be amended from time to time).All time taken in complying with such regulations, or as a result of non-compliance shall be for Charterer's sole time and expense (whether as hire or as laytime/demurrage as applicable). Charterers shall be responsible for any and all additional costs, expenses and liabilities whatsoever incurred in such compliance or as a result of any non-compliance. The Charterers are to provide certificate(s) of test from a laboratory which must be approved in advance by Owners at Owner's absolute discretion, and such certificate(s) of test must show ...

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New measures for the import of solid wastes to China will take effect on 01 August 2011

Information by the North of England P&I Club New measures for the import of solid wastes to China will take effect on 01 August 2011. The measures shall govern the import of solid waste into the territory of China from abroad including from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.Although the title refers to the import of solid waste the regulations also apply to semi-solid, liquid and gas waste.There are 3 categories of waste under the regulations. Non-official English translations of each category are provided at the links below: -Prohibited Import of Solid WasteRestricted Import of Solid WasteSolid waste subject to Automatic Licensing ImportUnder the regulations, when shipping waste to China, carriers must request shippers to provide: -(1) A related import license for importing solid waste into China;(2) The registration certificate of the domestic consignee importing solid waste for raw materials;(3) The registration certificate of the overseas supplier importing solid waste for raw materials;(4) A pre-loading inspection certificate of imported solid waste for raw materials.Where waste has not been imported in compliance with the regulations then the authorities may require the consignees or the carriers to return the cargo to the port of origin at their cost.Obviously the costs and associated administrative ...

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Metal Sulphide Concentrates UN 3077

Environmentally Hazardous Substances A recent submission by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to the IMO has highlighted that some metal sulphide concentrates can be classified as Environmentally Hazardous Substances (EHS) UN 3077 under the IMDG code, and that such classification is missing from the IMSBC Code at present.AMSA have issued an M-Notice explaining their position on such cargoes.Unfortunately Members have experienced difficulties in gaining approval for the carriage of cargoes described as UN3077. UN3077 cargoes will not be listed on the document of compliance due to their absence from the IMSBC Code.Despite the attached M-Notice appearing to suggest that carriage as per the nearest IMSBC Code schedule should be sufficient in the interim, approval for carriage from authorities has proved difficult to obtain.Significant delays to the vessel can occur whilst approval is sought from the authorities locally, those of the flag state and those at the port of discharge. Additionally, the authorities may not all see the situation in the same light which has the potential for further lengthy delays to occur.Members should check in advance with charterers which cargoes they intend for the vessel if directed to Australian ports. If the cargo is to be declared UN3077 then ...

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