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Safety culture and seafarer standards are closely linked

Mr. Colin Gillespie, Deputy Director (Loss Prevention) at North P&I Club discusses the current and future challenges for shipping from the loss prevention perspective, highlighting what is required for keeping the right combination of knowledge, experience and attitude , thus having ‘the Right Crew’ onboard.

Retaining the ‘right crew’ onboard

Colin Gillespie, North P&I Club, notes that one of the biggest challenges for the industry is to retain the ‘right crew’ onboard. Mr. Gillespie highlights that safety culture and seafarer standards are closely linked, therefore it is important to keep onboard seafarers with the right ability and attitude, and talks about Club’s initiatives towards that end.

North of England P&I shares thoughts & insights for the new year

Colin Gillespie, Deputy Director Loss Prevention, North of England P&I Club, addresses key challenges that the shipping industry needs to take into consideration and put forward action plans in 2017.Mr. Gillespie explains how 2016 impacted bulk cargoes, human element, cyber security and fishing safety and shares his aspirations for the new year.

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