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Emergency shutdown for tankers

The North P&I Club shared an insight discussing autonomous cargo systems as a means to address the oft-blamed ‘human error’ in accident reports. The Club suggests that linked ESD systems should be used for oil and chemical transfers, including ship-to-ship transfers.

US Gulf contaminated bunkers can lead to engine damage

Contaminated IFO 380 bunkers in the US Gulf have resulted in a significant number of vessels experiencing system clogging and, in more extreme cases, engine damage, North Club warned. The contamination has been linked to the use of fuel oil cutter stock, a product added to residual fuels to reduce viscosity.

How to avoid steel cargo damage in maritime transport

The more common issues when transporting steel cargoes by sea can be broadly categorised as mechanical damage or rust-related problems and in many cases the damage occurs before it is even loaded onto the carrying vessel. North Club provided advice on these matters to minimise the risk of cargo damage.

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