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How to manage the human factor in a crisis

Reputations are not created by having the newest ships, the highest profits or even the best safety record; they’re defined by the human part of a company’s story and these are the stories that people remember. Dustin Eno of Navigate Response talks about the human factor in preventing reputation loss. 

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on communication between ship and shore

Our SeaSense column, in association with the North P&I Club, is now focusing on the impact of technology on communication between ship and shore. Living in the ‘smart era’, life has become easier in many ways, same goes for communication as well. Therefore, we have asked industry’s experts to assess whether by facilitating the information exchange truly helps in the relationship between ship and shore or adversely can erode trust.

How to achieve EU GDPR compliance in shipping

North Club highlighted the steps to be taken by the industry ahead the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which enters into force in May 2018. The GDPR will update current data protection legislation by requiring businesses who deal with EU citizens to be transparent about how they use their data. The costs of non-compliance are potentially very high.

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on STCW

Retaining the best crews on board is one of the biggest challenges that safety industry is facing, thus, our SeaSense column, in association with the North P&I Club, is now focusing on IMO’s STCW Convention, which sets the baseline for seafarer’s training. However is this Convention delivering the seafarers the industry needs?

What to do after a serious incident onboard

In the latest edition of Signals, North P&I Club’s Kostas Katsoulieris discusses the steps to take onboard where there is a serious incident requiring medical assistance from ashore. Firstly, basic first aid should be provided onboard under the guidance of the Ship’s Medical Officer and with reference to the Ship’s Medical Guide.

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on Safety Culture

SAFETY4SEA in association with The North P&I Club, features a special column including expert perspectives on critical issues with respect to maritime safety. Since safety culture is crucial for the industry, we ask global experts to assess whether the industry has succeeded in combining the human element, a complex multi-dimensional issue for maritime safety, with the numerous systems and procedures that exist onboard.

How to carry non-operating reefer cargo

The North of England P&I Club issued an advisory, providing CINS Guidance for carriage of cargo in non operating reefers containers, to help operators in making decisions that protect both cargo and containers.

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on ISM Code

Sea Sense is a special column, in association with The North P&I Club, including expert perspectives on critical issues with respect to maritime safety. Since 30 years have passed from the introduction of the ISM Code, we have asked global experts to assess its implementation so far.

Crisis response service vital to deal with unexpected disasters

North P&I Club urges shipowners to consider the value a crisis media management service can bring, when dealing with unexpected disasters, emergencies and other incidents, which may reflect unfavourably on their business operations or brand reputation.

Paris & Tokyo MoU PSC analysis shows improvements

In latest ‘Signals’ publication, the North of England P&I Club includes an analysis of the results of the Paris and Tokyo MoU PSC Annual Reports (for 2015), which shows significant improvement in the number of vessels being detained and the number of deficiencies being recorded.

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