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Shipping alerted about PPE and testing kit scammers

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted to an increased demand of testing kits and personal protective equipment (PPE) onboard; Thus, North Club highlights that shipowners and seafarers should be aware of the risks when deciding on testing and PPE requirements and exercise caution when purchasing.

Haiti ports remain unsafe for vessels

North P&I Club alerts of the situation in Haiti following the continuous riots and civil disorders that affect the ports’ operations and cause disruptions. The Club advises all shipowners to follow up the updates in order to know how to proceed with their operations.

US launches Red Sea maritime security advisory

The North P&I Club informed that the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) has issued a maritime security advisory for the Red Sea. This comes after a maritime threat has been reported in the Red Sea near Yemen. Vessels are suggested to exercise caution when sailing through this area. 

Situation of Libyan ports: Update

Following a July update, the situation in Libya still remains extremely volatile and vessel operators should contact local ship’s agents and P&I Correspondents for the most up-to-date information on Libyan ports, the North P&I Club advised in its latest update this week. 

Update on Yemen ports situation

The North of England P&I Club correspondent has confirmed the situation with regard port status in Yemen, as of 17 April. The Club advised Masters to remain in close contact with the appointed agent and have all cargo documentation ready when requested by officials.

North Club: Attention needed for quay contacts in Port of Kingston, Jamaica

According to the North P&I Club, recent years have seen several incidents in the Port of Kingston in Jamaica where vessels have made contact with a particular quay on the entrance to the port’s basin. These contact incidents have caused damage to the port, to the vessel and on sometimes pollution. On each case, the appropriateness of the speed of approach of the ship into the turning basin was questionable.

Port operations continue as normal in Pakistan after tension with India

Tensions between India and Pakistan are rising after a militant attack which killed over 40 Indian troops in disputed Kashmir on 14 February 2019. As the North Club informs, port operations are continuing as normal, however any Indian ship calling at Pakistan may be considered as a concern under the current situation.

Vessel detentions in Indonesia due to ‘illegal anchoring’

According to a recent release by the North P&I Club,  its SPICA correspondents in Indonesia informed about an increasing number of vessels being detained by the local authorities while they are at anchor in the waters around the island of Bintan, which is a popular place for vessels to “waiting for orders” because it is close to shipping lanes, and believed to be OPL (Operational Port Limited) Singapore. However, these waters are within Indonesian territorial waters where local regulation apply.

Changes in stowaway trends at European ports

North P&I Club informed that there has been a notable change in stowaway trends over the last year and a half, as an increased activity is reported around a number of European ports. Potential stowaways target Bilbao’s commercial port and are being discovered on board container and general cargo vessels heading for UK ports,

North P&I Club updates on Yemen's ports situation

Saudi-led coalition decided to close access to Yemeni ports, in order to stop arms supply to the Houthis. North P&I Club now provides a list of which Yemeni ports are open and operational and which are not.

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