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CO2 systems risk awareness crucial to prevent accidents

As the North P&I Club highlights, a recent incident that caused the deaths of ten people on board a vessel, has pinpointed the dangers of not fully understanding the operation of fixed CO2 systems. To prevent similar incidents, North suggests that it is critical for all persons involved to be aware of the risks.

Court decision validates effectiveness of deck cargo exemption clause

A recent decision in the English Court concerned the effectiveness of a clause in a bill of lading that excludes a carrier’s liability for loss or damage to cargo carried on deck, said the North P&I Club, noting that this decision confirmed parties to a contract of carriage are free to agree a carrier has no liability for loss or damage to deck cargo.

Any incident occurring at a port can be caught on camera

The North of England P&I Club informed of a recent incident in a US terminal which highlighted that, when a vessel is in port and something happens, there is a chance it has being caught on camera. A surveyor onboard a ship moored at a US terminal, fell from the stepladder when departing the vessel.

How to conduct an incident investigation

The North P&I Club has issued a loss prevention briefing including all important issues to take into consideration for a proper incident investigation. The Club analyses how to conduct an investigation; to collect and preserve the evidence; to examine data and find probable cause and also how to use data to identify trends.

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