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Smart tools to monitor Coronavirus spread

The newly identified Coronavirus has made world headlines given its rapid spread and as number of infected or dead people keeps on increasing. To closely monitor the situation and keep track of the incidents and fatalities two applications have been launched.

Emergency shutdown for tankers

The North P&I Club shared an insight discussing autonomous cargo systems as a means to address the oft-blamed ‘human error’ in accident reports. The Club suggests that linked ESD systems should be used for oil and chemical transfers, including ship-to-ship transfers.

North Club warns over cyber payment frauds

In a recent article, North P&I Club informed about misdirected payments, noting that everyone in shipping industry is at risk of cyber fraud. Specifically, some operators have been the victims of ‘cyber’ fraud in cases where money paid to a provider of goods or services was diverted to criminals.

North Club, Hudson Analytix bolster cyber security

North P&I Club announced a cooperation with Hudson Analytix, to encourage greater awareness of shipping’s cyber-risks and offer operators greater reassurance and guidance in avoiding the risks and costs of claims associated with cyber-breaches.

Operators should properly handle SMS against cyber risks

As the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee, held last week, has confirmed that cyber risks should be managed under the ISM Code, the North of England P&I Club urges operators to act without delay, to ensure that cyber risks are addressed in their safety management systems, in order to identify vulnerabilities and to achieve safeguard against these risks.

North P&I Club joins industry coalition to combat cyber crime

North P&I Club has become the new member of CSO Alliance’s global information and reporting platform for digital attacks, a collaboration between industry leaders, including BIMCO, DNV GL and the Marshall Islands Registry, to combat cyber criminals.

Good internet on board is vital to getting the right crew

North P&I Club urges shipowners to consider the importance of internet access on their ships, to ensure they continue to attract, recruit and retain high quality crews. The issue of internet access, part of a campaign by North to help operators get the ‘right crew’, is detailed in the latest issue of the club’s loss prevention newsletter ‘Signals’.

North Club: How to be aware of payment scams

The North of England P&I Club refers to a recent case in which the hacker used a very similar email to a known contact and asked for a payment to be diverted to a different account to that normally used and highlights lessons learned to enhance cyber security.

North Club supports ‘Be Cyber Aware at Sea’ campaign

North P&I Club is continuing its drive to highlight the range of cyber threats facing shipowners through active support of the new international ‘Be Cyber Aware At Sea’ campaign. The campaign is a global maritime and offshore industry initiative to raise awareness of the increasing maritime cyber threats to international shipping, ports and offshore operations.

North P&I Club highlights the need for cyber security vigilance

North P&I Club has set out the growing range of cyber risks now facing shipowners in a new loss prevention briefing. Entitled Cyber Risks and Shipping, the briefing outlines the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals and raises the need for mitigation measures to be taken by shipowners.

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