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Fines for marine pollution violations increase in Ghana

The past year has seen an increase in reports of MARPOL Annex IV (sewage) violations during PSC inspections in Ghana, particularly in the ports of Takoradi and Tema, which have led to financial penalties against vessels, according to data provided by Budd Ghana. 

Overview of scrubber discharges bans in ports

Scrubbers are an accepted equivalent measure from compliance with thee IMO 2020 sulphur cap. crubbers have divided the shipping industry, while ports around are analyzing their impact in their waters. In the latest development, MPA Singapore will ban the discharge of wash water from open-loop scrubbers, as from January 1, 2020.

Preventing Bunker Spills

Alvin Forster, Deputy Director (Loss Prevention) at North P&I Club, talks about bunker spills incidents and their impacts. Mr. Forster outlines the most common causes of bunker spills and says that they can lead to expensive claims, reaching several million dollars.

North Club: Common factors during an oil spill

Oil pollution incidents can cause expensive claims, where clean-up costs, fines and damages to affected third parties can amount to several million dollars. However, the majority of oil pollution claims do not involve tankers or oil cargoes, as pollution caused by the release of bunker fuel is more common, North P&I Club informs.

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