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Ports declare ban on EGCS Discharges: Update

Following the use of scrubbers issue which has split the shipping industry, the North P&I Club issued an update on the stands taken by the international ports on the use of scrubbers and the allowance of EGCS discharge.

Speed Limits v Optimisation

In this article, Alvin Forster, Loss Prevention Executive, North P&I Club, addresses the issue of speed limits. As he says, this method has positively affected greenhouse gas emissions in shipping, but wonders if, after all, the speed limit is the answer for a greener sector.

Guidance on fuel-compliance during PSC inspections for 2020

The North P&I Club issued a guidance in light of the upcoming 2020 sulphur cap, to help vessels be complaint with the fuel requirements of each port when being inspected by port state control authorities; Thus, the Club informs on what to expect when calling ports in different states.

North Club updates guidance on 2020 sulphur cap compliance

North P&I Club has updated its guidance on the 2020 Sulphur Cap for operators. This aims to help them prepare for the big switch to compliance on 1 January 2020. After a programme of events, training sessions and publications which have been taking place over the past 12 months, North published three new guides to ensure safe and compliant operations.

China issues guidelines for ECAs

The North of England P&I Club has announced that the China’s Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) has issued a set of guidelines on the implementation and supervision of ECAs that detail how they will verify compliance with emission control measures.

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