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Factors to match a BWMS with vessel’s operational demand

North P&I Club focuses on the various types of ballast water treatment systems that are currently on the market or are being developed; The second guide that the Club launched discusses the different systems, the methods and operations conducted and factors that a shipowner should keep in mind to match the BWMS with the vessel’s operational demands.

Four challenges hiding in BWMS

Ballast Water Management Systems aim to ocean protection; Nevertheless, these systems hide many operational and commercial risks. Given that 8 September 2024 marks the deadline for complying with IMO ballast water regulations shipowners should face the existing challenges and find solutions. 

BWM Convention now applies for existing vessels

The IMO Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention entered into force in 2017, but at that time it applied only to new ships. Now, as the North P&I Club informs, a new milestone is upon us, as from 8 September 2019, the Convention applies to existing vessels. 

North Club: Ukraine updates BW sampling

The London P&I Club informs that its Correspondent in Ukraine, Dias Marine Consulting, reported that there have been recent attempts by Ukrainian ecological inspectors to board vessels and collect samples of ballast water for testing.

US sets strict rules for BW discharge

The North P&I Club says that US is ‘getting tough’ on Ballast Water extension. USCG officers focus on BWM compliance issues during their routing PSC inspections. The Club advises that all ships calling at US ports and intending to discharge ballast water must either carry out ballast water exchange or treatment, in addition to fouling and sediment management.

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