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North P&I Club issues guide for sanctions

Recently, the North P&I Club issued its revised guide on evaluating the risk of sanctions, focusing on the application and scope of the U.S. and EU sanctions, in regards to their jurisdiction over companies; whether other sanctions apply to trading partners- such as banks, insurers or reinsurers or whether there are there any “party” related sanctions which impact on the ability to complete the contemplated trade, among other issues.

High risk routes for drug smuggling

North informs that recent incidents of criminals using cargo ships to smuggle narcotics have highlighted specific routes that are being targeted by smugglers. Namely, one route is Barranquilla to Altamira, as there has been a notable increase in the finding of cocaine on vessels trading from Colombia to Mexico. In most of the cases, bulk carriers have been targeted. The drugs, in the form of packaged cocaine were buried within the cargo and were only discovered during discharge operations.

US launches Red Sea maritime security advisory

The North P&I Club informed that the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) has issued a maritime security advisory for the Red Sea. This comes after a maritime threat has been reported in the Red Sea near Yemen. Vessels are suggested to exercise caution when sailing through this area. 

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on ISPS Code

This time, our special column, in association with The North of England P&I Club, sheds focus on ISPS Code asking industry experts whether the code itself can enhance maritime security against modern security threats such as cargo theft and terrorism.

Changes in stowaway trends at European ports

North P&I Club informed that there has been a notable change in stowaway trends over the last year and a half, as an increased activity is reported around a number of European ports. Potential stowaways target Bilbao’s commercial port and are being discovered on board container and general cargo vessels heading for UK ports,

Plastic security barriers possible solution over razor wire

In the recent issue of North P&I Club’s Signals newsletter, James Wilkes, Managing Director of Grey Page, gives an insight into the problems that razor wire, fitted for anti piracy purposes, can pose for vessel operations and a possible solution using barriers made of high density polyrethane plastic material. 

North Club addresses the illegal sharing of weapons problem

In an article posted on website, the North of England P&I Club notes that the private maritime security industry has consolidated significantly, but remains fluid, and underscores a emerging issues with respect to the illegal sharing of weapons by Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP).

North P&I Club encourages operators to join the CSO Alliance

North P&I Club has partnered with CSO Alliance – a fast-growing online community of maritime company security officers (CSOs) – to encourage its members to join and take part in security-related information sharing. In a first for the P&I sector, all CSOs in North’s 131 million GT owned fleet will receive a 20% reduction in membership fees for the first year and North will subsidise a further 40%.

US imposes new Sanctions against North Korea

The US has passed the Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act of 2016 (H.R. 757), which maintains existing sanctions and additionally imposes more strict licensing requirements for the export or re-export to North Korea of any US origin goods, software, or technology, and imposes targeted sanctions on persons deemed to engage in certain types of activities related to North Korea’s nuclear proliferation, money laundering, as well as its efforts to undermine cyber security.

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