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Court finds shipper not responsible for cargo damage

The North P&I Club informs about a judgment that found shipper not responsible for damage to cargo. Namely, the UK High Court has rejected a novel argument put forward by a shipowner to hold the voyage charterer responsible for loading a damaged soya bean cargo.

Bills of Lading Masterclass: The Golden Rules

Shipping of goods is the backbone of global economy and a really complex procedure. Taking into consideration how many stakeholders are involved in the trade process, bills of lading come to give solution. A 1-day Masterclass from North P&I Club in early March aims to help delegates understand the ‘golden rules’ and recognise their potential risks and exposures.

North P&I Club issues guide for sanctions

Recently, the North P&I Club issued its revised guide on evaluating the risk of sanctions, focusing on the application and scope of the U.S. and EU sanctions, in regards to their jurisdiction over companies; whether other sanctions apply to trading partners- such as banks, insurers or reinsurers or whether there are there any “party” related sanctions which impact on the ability to complete the contemplated trade, among other issues.

Arbitration Notice Clause launched

The London Maritime Arbitrators Association has released the Arbitration Notice Clause. This clause aims to ensure that notices of arbitration are validly served if the procedure in the clause is followed. The Arbitration Notice Clause provides for the parties to set out e-mail addresses for the service of notices and communications regarding arbitration and should be completed by the parties when concluding a contract.

Unseaworthy judgment made after improper passage planning

As the North P&I Club informs, the UK Admiralty Court has recently rejected a shipowner’s claim for general average. It specifically concluded that the ship was unseaworthy because of an error in the passage plan. North Club noted that this case has showcased how important a proper berth-to-berth passage planning is, saying that it ‘is much more than just putting courses on a chart or ECDIS.’

North P&I: Vessel lay-up requirements in Brazil

On 30 October 2017, the Directorate of Ports and Coasts in Brazil issued amendments regarding vessels laying‐up in Brazilian ports and terminals and provided the requirements for the concession of the Laid‐ Up Vessel Certificate.

UK marine insurers take measures ahead Brexit

The North P&I Club, the Standard P&I Club and Sunderland Marine have been developing contingency plans, considering Dublin for the establishment of a subsidiary after Brexit. In addition, other P&I Clubs are exploring Luxembourg and Cuprys as new locations to ensure access to EU markets.

Tax cut may lead to delay of cargo deliveries in China

The Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation of China has issued a circular, in which they will reduce Value-Added Tax on the sale and import of a number of products from 13% to 11% with effect from 1 July 2017, the North of Engalnd P&I Club informed. In light of the forthcoming VAT reduction, ship owners may be asked to postpone cargo delivery to beyond the 1 July deadline.

North Club updates guidance on letters of indemnity

North P&I Club announced that has published a new edition of its guide book on letters of indemnity, in order to explain how to avoid disputes and problems arising from the use of letters of indemnity, reflecting recent case law and current industry practice.

Delays expected at the Port of Limassol

The North of England P&I Club has announced that the transition from a state-owned port to a privately-owned port on 29 January 2017 have resulted a number of operational and logistical problems at the Port of Limassol.

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