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SEA Europe: How to achieve sustainable shipping

SEA Europe, representing EU’s shipyards, and EU equipment manufacturers and suppliers focuses on making shipping a sustainable means of transport, by addressing today’s barriers and proposing ways on achieving the sustainable goals set.

Non-compliance to St. Lawrence’s speed restrictions results to up to $25,000 fine

According to the Canadian Government, the Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, issued a statement based on unfortunate deaths of many North Atlantic right whales in Canadian waters; Because of this, he implemented a precautionary speed restriction of 10 knots, for vessels of 20 metres and more, that sail in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in the two designated shipping lanes north and south of Anticosti Island. 

Port of Vancouver expands geographic areas of ECHO program

The Port of Vancouver reminds the shipping industry that as of June 1 the commercial shipping sector is alerted to begin voluntarily slowing their ships southern resident killer whales return to Haro Strait and Boundary Pass to feed for the summer. 

Notation on reducing marine noise

RINA, the Italian Classification Society, focused on the matter of noise coming from vessels, as the majority of noise is emitted underwater, thus the public is unaware of the problem. Yet, marine noise results to the interference of animal’s ability to hear, having a huge impact the reproduction and survival of animals.

UK creates first map of underwater noise

UK unveiled the first UK-wide map of underwater noise made by ships. Researchers from the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) in Suffolk used data captured from microphones placed on the seabed to identify “hotspots”.

NEPTUNES aims to a quieter shipping

NEPTUNES, a project organisation that consists of 11 ports and was established two years ago by the port of Rotterdam to mitigate shipping noise, presented the noise label at a conference in Rotterdam on March 28. NEPTUNES stands for Noise Exploration Program To Understand Noise Emitted by Seagoing Ships. 

BC ferries shipping threatens endangered whales

The B.C. government will continue expanding its ferry routes, despite National Energy Board’s statement that specifically BC Ferries generate ship noise that threatens the endangered southern resident killer whales. Although there is a plan to reduce underwater noise, BC ferries alerts that the change will be slow. 

LR releases airborne noise notation for vessels in ports

Lloyd’s Register has released a new airborne noise emission notation and ShipRight procedure to address increasing demand for a standard and methodology to control airborne noise emissions from ships. The new notation also helps ports determine which and how many vessels can access the most noise sensitive areas of the port.

Project NEPTUNES aims to mitigate noise pollution in the marine environment

In 2017, a small group of pioneering ports created an inventory ship-generated noise in berth, at anchor and manoeuvring to get in berth or leaving the berth. The project NEPTUNES – Noise Exploration Program To Understand Noise Emitted by Seagoing Ships –  aims to mitigate the noise pollution from seagoing vessels.

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