World’s magnetic model moves from Canada Arctic to Siberia

Scientists with the National Centres for Environmental Information (NCEI) have made an early update to World Magnetic Model (WMM) concerning the unpredictable move from Canada Arctic towards Siberia. Most of the times, an updated version of WMM is published every five years and the scheduled date for new updates was at the end of 2019. 

New agreement protects whales from New England to Caribbean

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration signed an agreement with the government of The Netherlands adding a network of marine protected areas from New England to the Caribbean Sea and providing refuge for North Atlantic humpback whales at both ends of their 3,000-mile annual migration.

New forecast tool helps ships avoid blue whale hotspots

Researchers have combined the trove of tracking data with satellite observations of ocean conditions to develop the first system for predicting locations of blue whales off the West Coast. The system, called WhaleWatch, produces monthly maps of blue whale “hotspots” to alert ships where there may be an increased risk of encountering these endangered whales


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