Explaining High Seas Forecasts

NOAA’s High Seas Forecasts are weather forecasts and data transmitted around the world in real- and near-real-time. These forecasts are aiming to make navigation safer, especially considering the fact that for centuries not much could be done to make shipping safe, because of weather unpredictability.

Explaining what ‘doldrums’ are

What can be described as ‘doldrum’? According to NOAA’s National Ocean Service, ‘doldrums’ is a belt around the Earth that extends about five degrees north and south of the equator. In this area, the prevailing trade winds of the northern hemisphere blow to the southwest. This leads them to collide with the southern hemisphere’s driving northeast trade winds.

Viewing, photographing the ocean a top activity in the US

NOAA Fisheries published a new report revealing that viewing or photographing the ocean was the top activity for ocean lovers in the U.S. in number of participants, days spent, and how much people paid to do it. Almost 49 million adults spent over $141 billion in ocean recreation-related goods and services.

NOAA regulations to protect marine mammals during Navy training

NOAA Fisheries announced today final regulations requiring the United States Navy to implement protective measures during training and testing activities off the coasts of California and Hawaii and on the high seas of the Pacific Ocean to reduce the effects on marine mammals.

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Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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