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Navy prevented 34 piracy attempts in Gulf of Aden

120 pirates have been apprehended in 2011 Navy warships have prevented 34 piracy attempts and apprehended 120 Somali pirates since their deployment in the Gulf of Aden in October 2008."26 Indian Navy ships have been deputed in the Gulf of Aden since October 2008. A total of 1,731 ships have been escorted. 34 piracy attempts have been prevented by the Navy there," Defence Minister A K Antony told the Rajya Sabha in reply to a question.He said a total of 120 pirates have been apprehended and 73 fishermen and crew rescued in four operations of Navy in East Arabian Sea in 2011.The Minister said the Navy was cooperating with other navies operating there and the Arabian Sea.Meanwhile, replying to another query, the Minister said the Navy had also played a crucial role in rescuing a Chinese merchant vessel from being hijacked by the pirates in May this year.Answering another query, the government denied that there was a scam in the Defence Ministry's department looking after resettlement and rehabilitation of ex-servicemen.Source: PTI

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Royal Thai Navy assist cargo ships attacked by Somali pirates

The intervention was successful Royal Thai Navy Counter Piracy Task Unit sent a helicopter to Eden bay off the Somalia coast to assist a Liberia registered cargo M.V. THOR HARMONY which was attacked by pirates using Rocket Propelled Granades. The intervention was successful.Later M.V. MSC NAMIBIA II a 24,000 ton Liberia flagged container ship was was attacked by pirates 70 nautical miles off Yemen, Somalia. The pirates on a skiff arrived from the north at high speed, and fired RPG's at the MSC NAMIBIA II.The Helicopter Bell 212 crew reported seeing six pirates on the floor of skiff. The Bell chopper returned to HMS Similan and the protection of cargo ship MSC NAMIBIA II was taken over by US was ship USS WHITBEY ISLAND.Later both merchant vessels arrived safely at their destination. At 13:.51 hrs MSC NAMIBIA II send e-mail to thankRoyal Thai Navy for their assistance in the ongoing fight against piracy.Source: Pattaya Daily News

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Navy and Coast Guard team up to fight piracy

The plan is to start doing some exercises and learn how to work together A U.S. Coast Guard Advanced Interdiction Team (AIT) embarked on the guided-missile destroyer USS Mitscher (DDG 57) who is currently involved in U.S. Navy counter-piracy operations, July 23.AIT's are elite, deployable Coast Guard boarding teams comprised of highly trained maritime law enforcement specialists who are capable of Level III Non-compliant boardings. As the only organization in the U.S. government with the combined authority of a law enforcement agency, an intelligence agency, and a military service, the 12-person AIT brings additional capabilities and expertise to USS Mitscher's visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS) team.Under the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard has the authority and capability to interdict, apprehend, and refer suspected criminals for prosecution. It also has expertise in gathering and building evidentiary packages required for prosecuting piracy and other maritime crimes."We can assist in evidence collection, and if a case goes to trial, we can prepare case packages," said Coast Guard Lt. j.g. Robert List, the Officer in Charge of the advanced interdiction team. "We provide technical expertise to the teams."Between operations Mitscher's VBSS team and the AIT will train together to enhance their ...

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Israeli Navy Attacks Civil Peace Service Gaza Monitoring Boat

Four people aboard the Oliva boat Israeli naval forces attacked the Civil Peace Service Gaza monitoring boat with water cannons earlier today.Civil Peace Service Gaza is an international third party non-violent initiative to monitor potential human rights violations in Gazan territorial waters.The initial attack happened at 12.05pm local time. There were four people aboard the Oliva boat at the time, two CPS Gaza crew members (from the UK and Sweden), the captain and a journalist.British human rights worker Ruqaya Al-Samarrai stated: "We were fewer than two miles away from the Gaza coast when they fired at us. We saw them firing water at some fishing boats so we headed to the area. When we got close, the warships left the fishing boats, and turned on us. They attacked us for about ten minutes, following us as we tried to head to shore and eventually lagged when we reached about one mile off the Gaza coast."A fishing boat was also fired at and damaged with live rounds. Currently Israel claims to allow fishing boats to work within three miles off the coast of Gaza, but the limit is rarely respected and fishermen as close as 1.5 nautical miles are regularly targeted.Source: ...

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Falmouth Coast Guard and Royal Navy in Arabian sea rescue

rescue of 13 Indian crewmen from a disabled tanker in the North Arabian Gulf On the morning of the 29th June, Falmouth Coastguard received an emailed mayday from the master on board the Motor Tanker Pavit, reporting that they had suffered engine failure two days before and were taking on water through the shaft bearing.They also reported that, in the severe weather conditions, many of the crew were suffering from seasickness, with four of them considered to be seriously ill. Their stated position was 120 nautical miles from the Oman coast.Falmouth Coastguard initially sent out a broadcast to other vessels in the area, but with the severe weather on scene, none were able to go to the aid of the tanker. Falmouth Coastguard also attempted to hand over coordination to the Omani Coastguard but they were unable take on coordination of the incidentAfter liaison with the owners of the vessel, the crew on board and the Middle East Authorities, Falmouth Coastguard were able to arrange for a Royal Navy Warship HMS St Albans and an Indian products tanker (Jag Pushpa) to go to their aid, which arrived at 8.00 am yesterday morning.HMS St Albans arrived on scene yesterday morning and ...

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