UK to apply AI in warships

The UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) announced the first wave of £4 million funding, aiming to revolutionise the way warships make decisions and process thousands of strands of intelligence and data by using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Port of Eden affected by Australia’s bush fires

Operations at the Australian small seaport of Eden have been impacted by the major bush fires raging across the South Coast region of New South Wales. In fact, the Port of Eden is the southernmost deep-water harbor in NSW and is situated equidistant between Sydney and Melbourne. The port hosts three wharves including a privately owned woodchip terminal; multi-user Navy wharfs; as well as the breakwater wharf.

Australian Navy to assist with bushfire relief efforts

An Australian Navy task group departed from their Fleet Base East homeport early on New Year’s Day, in order to support multi-agency efforts to provide assistance to communities affected by bushfires on the Australian east coast.

Irish wave energy device arrives in U.S. Navy test site

On 10 December the U.S. Navy test site located in Oahu, Hawaii welcomed the Irish wave energy device, named as “Ocean Energy 35” (0E35). Specifically, the OE35 will be further connected to the local electrical grid.

PLA Navy tests container vessel for underway replenishment

China’s PLA Navy is testing a portable underway-replenishment system that can convert any cargo ship with the right deck configuration into a dry stores naval auxiliary. The development can potentially give the PLA a way to utilize China’s 3,500-vessel merchant fleet in case of war. 

U.S. Navy to consider training improvements

In a new report, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GOA) recommends that the U.S. Navy should take further measures in order to improve training quality. In fact, with the aim to improve ship-driving skills, the Navy has added classroom and simulator training for the Surface Warfare Officers who drive these ships, since 2017, when ship collisions resulted in the loss of 17 sailors’ lives as well as significant damage to Navy ships.

UK invests in energy weapons for the Royal Navy

The UK Ministry of Defence announced investment in the development of advanced energy weapons, known as Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), which are powered solely by electricity and operate without ammunition. The systems could be fueled by a vehicle’s engine or a generator.

China to present new warships

China will present its new warships including nuclear submarines and destroyers during a parade next week, as it marks 70 years since its navy’s founding, according to a senior commander. This is considered by many as an indication that China flexes its well-equipped military capabilities. In addition, about a dozen foreign navies will take part in the parade from Russia, Singapore, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

Royal Canadian Navy tests augmented reality glasses

The Royal Canadian Navy is testing a Mixed Reality Remote Assistant Support (MIRRAS) system, as part of a project that aims to improve maintenance and repairs aboard active naval vessels, provided by Kognitiv Spark. This technology will be used by the Navy’s technicians and weapons engineering technicians.

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