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‘Early retirement’ agreement for Dutch seafarers reached

UK-based union Nautilus International and Dutch shipping employers have agreed a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) giving Dutch merchant mariners an innovative framework to help them take advantage of a Netherlands’ central pension agreement on early retirement.

Nautilus calls newly-elected gov. to boost maritime sector

Following the elections in the UK, Nautilus International called the newly-elected government to ensure a strong and prosperous British maritime sector post-Brexit by supporting the core objectives set out in its manifesto.  

Nautilus: IMO 2020 creates new criminalization risk for seafarers

With the much-debated IMO 2020 regulation taking effect in less than a month, Nautilus International issued a warning over a potential new wave of seafarer criminalization. The IMO’s 2020 regulation speculates that ships must run on fuel containing no more than 0.5% m/m of sulphur unless there is a scrubber installed.

Nautilus reports on safeguarding the British maritime sector

Nautilus International issued the Nautilus Manifesto for the UK election 2019 for safeguarding the British maritime sector in terms of UK seafarers, British shipping, maritime safety and defense. Nautilus stresses that “if the UK is to retain a shipping industry that sustains the country’s global trading requirements and underpins the nation’s continued global lead as a maritime services center, much more needs to be done,” adding that “Britain needs ships and seafarers – perhaps more now than ever before. We live in a complex global economy and maritime trade is of fundamental importance.”

Seafarers significantly concerned over criminalisation

Nautilus International heard the results of the Nautilus Federation report regarding criminalisation in the shipping industry. The results show that approximately 90% of the seafarers questioned, expressed concerns about the issue, while two thirds said it impacted the way they felt about working in the profession.

UK should provide assurances over no-deal Brexit, Nautilus says

With a no-deal Brexit on 31 October looking increasingly possible, Nautilus general secretary Mark Dickinson has urgently requested ‘detailed assurances’ from the UK government that British maritime professionals will not be significantly affected.

Crews can now refuse to work on ships transiting Strait of Hormuz

Effective from 2 August, the Warlike Operations Area Committee (WOAC) has agreed to temporarily designate the Strait of Hormuz as a High-Risk Area, as part of an increased danger associated with the latest developments in the region. The agreement gives seafarers the right to refuse to work onboard vessels transiting the Strait of Hormuz. 

ICS worried over developing situation in Strait of Hormuz

After the UK-flagged ship Stena Impero, diverted from its original course in the Strait of Hormuz, the International Chamber of Shipping’s (ICS) Secretary General, Guy Platten, stated that he is extremely concerned about this latest development, particularly in respect of the safety of seafarers.


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