MPA Singapore

Infographic: Maritime Singapore’s performance in 2019

The MPA Singapore published an infographic concerning the overview of Maritime Singapore’s key performance for 2019, in relation to the Singapore port; the shipping market; and the general economic performance of the country.

Infographic: MPA Singapore port performance in October

MPA Singapore issued its port-performance for October 2019, focusing on key port indicators, such as the number of vessels arriving, the container throughput, the cargo throughput and the bunker sales. Generally, October saw an increase in vessel arrivals and container throughput, but a decrease in cargo volumes and bunker sales. 

Inforgraphic: MPA Singapore port performance for April

MPA Singapore issued an infographic illustrating its performance for April 2019. The main KPIs estimated are vessels arrivals by GT and number, container throughput in TEUs and Tonnes, as well as bunker sales. The figures reveal a slight decrease year-on-year in vessels arrivals, but an increase in cargo throughput.


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