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MPA Singapore to enhance cooperation on cyber resilience

To enhance cooperation on cyber resilience and response amongst 15 port authorities, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) made a proposal to establish and lead a ‘Port Authorities Chief Information Officer (CIO) Cybersecurity Network’ (PACC-Net).

MPA Singapore opens maritime cyber security centre

MPA Singapore inaugurated a new 24/7 Maritime Cyber security Operations Centre Thursday, aiming to boost Singapore’s maritime cyber security posture through early detection and response to potential cyber-attacks on maritime Critical Information Infrastructure.

MPA Singapore to set up cyber security centre

One of the key focal areas that MPA will drive is the protection of Critical Information Infrastructures. As such, it will establish a 24/7 Maritime Cybersecurity Operation Centre, by the third quarter of this year, to further augment capabilities for early detection, monitoring, analysis and response to potential cyber attacks. 


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