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LNG bunkering infrastructure around the world

Lars Petter Blikom, Segment Director LNG at DNV GL, summarizes all known LNG bunkering facility developments around the world as of January 2014. In DNV GL's blog, Lars Petter Blikom has posted his presentation on Global LNG bunkering infrastructure and he also comments: ''2 years have gone by since I said I was dead tired of hearing the chicken and egg parallel to LNG bunkering. Even today you'll hear this phrase in any given LNG bunkering conference. If these speakers instead of speaking had spent some time observing the market developments, they'd find that there are chicken all over the place. Just have a look at these maps and summary lists for LNG bunkering developments around the world'' Image Credit: Slide from Lars Petter Blikom Presentation, DNV GL   His presentation includes latest developments on LNG bunkering infrastructure in the below areas: Baltic & North Sea ECA (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK,  Finland, Estonia, Lithuania/ latvia, Poland) North American ECA (West Coast, East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes, Canada) South America (Argentina) Mediterranean Sea (Spain, Turkey) Asia- Pacific ( China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Sri Langka, India, Australia) Middle East Further information may be found at the presentation ...

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DNV GL to announce innovation award at the EWEA 2014

DNV GL will be running a rolling programme of informal on-stand seminars throughout the four days of the EWEA, exploring a range of topics related to wind power including; “Smarter Operations: the DNV GL approach to Asset Operation”, “Floating wind: DNV GL Turbine Engineering service offer” and “Maximising the financial impact of resource measurements”. EWEA will also see DNV GL announce the winner of its 3rd Annual Wind Energy Award, themed “Innovation ideas for wind energy”, at an official ceremony as part of the drinks reception on Wednesday 12th March at the stand. The awards are designed to recognise and reward young industry professionals’ ideas for the wind industry, and are testament to the company’s continuous commitment to investing in the promotion of new talent. The drinks reception will also provide an opportunity to meet with DNV GL experts and network with other top industry professionals. Additionally, DNV GL will use the event as a platform for an important industry report launch, which will tackle key issues relating to subsea cables and announce the latest developments from its renewable certification business. At a time of great change and innovation for the European wind industry, stakeholders are meeting at the EWEA conference ...

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Profitable technologies to be compliant with environmental regulations

Motivated by stricter environmental regulations, growing pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, rising fuel costs, and availability of new energy sources the shipping industry is forced to consider alternative fuels and new technologies. Battery ready vessels might be one of the alternatives. There are a number of alternative fuels or energy carriers that can be used in shipping, all with different benefits and challenges. What fuel a shipping company should choose for a specific vessel depends on a variety of factors, including ship type, operational profile, and trading pattern. A vessel ordered today will still operate in the 2030s, in a world with unknown fuel availability, fuel prices, and regulatory requirements. Making the wrong fuel choice today can have major implications for the commercial performance of a ship over the next decades, including tradability and the second hand value. DNV GL is offering services tailored to assist ship owners in their selection and implementation of technology. DNV GL has evaluated more than 20 different ‘LNG ready' cases, covering bulk carriers, chemical tankers, general cargo carriers, container vessels, fast ferries, gas carriers, and a heavy lift vessel. DNV GL is now also using the approach to evaluate whether vessels are ‘battery ...

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100 solutions wanted for Global Sustainability Campaign

What are the 100 solutions that can make real a sustainable society? DNV GL, Scandinavian think tank Sustainia and a worldwide alliance of companies and organizations have launched a global campaign to find the answers. The goal is to identify the world's 100 leading sustainability projects and technologies across diverse sectors. Collectively, the solutions will form a comprehensive guide to leading sustainability practices across industries and regions. "Sustainia100 raises awareness about the man-made effects on our environment by giving us 100 man-made solutions. With this solution-based approach, Sustainia100 delivers a clear and comprehensive call for action to a broad audience of politicians and corporations as well as civil society," says Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chair of the UN climate change panel, IPCC, and supporter of the campaign. "We know innovations are out there and rapidly improving. This campaign will gather and guide to the outstanding cases. Now, I hope that every corner of the planet will pitch in with their best ideas and solutions to Sustainia100 to make a global sustainability transformation possible," says Bjørn K. Haugland, DNV GL Group Chief Sustainability Officer. Former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, EU Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard and UN Global Compact are also ...

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DNV GL makes sustainability the foundation of the certification process

DNV GL - Business Assurance raises the bar for management systems through the launch of Next Generation Risk based Certification. "We have come to a point where businesses can't perform well without doing good. Sustainability has to be an integrated part when successful companies create value by meeting the world's economic, social and environmental needs. This why we push the boundaries again by introducing an offering that unleash even more business value for our customers through management system certification," says Luca Crisciotti, CEO of DNV GL - Business Assurance. Sustainability is a growing focus for companies of all sizes. Large companies still lead the way, but as highlighted in the Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2013 by United Nations Global Compact, smaller companies are catching up. This trend was also backed up in the global survey conducted in 2013 by DNV GL - Business Assurance and the research institute GFK Eurisko on more than 2300 professionals word wide. The study found that sustainability is rising on the agenda for companies of all sizes. While close to 90 % of medium and large companies felt the need to provide sustainable products, 83 % of companies employing less than 50 people saw the ...

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Sea Shepherd lanches The Vortex Project

At a press conference under the suspended blue whale replica at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society USA joined with partners Bionic Yarn and Cookies for All for the U.S. unveiling of The Vortex Project, an unprecedented partner campaign to clean the oceans of plastic debris and transform it into fashion, and its first collaboration, G-Star's ‘RAW for the Oceans,' a long-term partnership between denim brand G-Star RAW and Bionic Yarn to turn ocean plastic into denim. The New York Fashion Week event is part of Parley for the Oceans, an initiative comprised of artists, activists, tastemakers, entrepreneurs and innovators to address and solve the plastic pollution problem impacting ocean ecosystems. Sea Shepherd is an official partner of Parley for the Oceans and together with Bionic Yarn is cofounder of The Vortex Project. The Vortex Project takes waste from the oceans and shorelines, and recycles, enhances, and reuses it for yarn, fabric, and other elements in consumer products. Parley collaboration partners will use the reclaimed plastic waste from the oceans to create exclusive products with a unique product story. They will also seek to close the loop by again recycling these products at ...

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DNV GL: Future Alternative Fuel Mix for Global Shipping

DNV GL has released a position paper on the future alternative fuel mix for global shipping. While LNG is expected to be an early success, the picture becomes more diversified with time, as more than 20 per cent of shipping could adopt hybrid propulsion solutions, featuring batteries or other energy storage technologies. The main drivers for the use of alternative fuels are the desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the need to meet upcoming air pollution requirements. “The global merchant fleet currently consumes around 330 million tonnes of fuel annually, 80-85 per cent of which is residual fuel with high sulphur content,” says Christos Chryssakis, senior researcher DNV GL and position paper project manager. “Shipping must change, and we must contribute technical measures, operational measures and alternative fuels to meet the environmental challenges we are tackling.” Electrification Technology to Come Over the next four decades, it is likely that the energy mix will be characterised by a high degree of diversification, says Chryssakis. "LNG has the potential to become the fuel of choice for all shipping segments provided the infrastructure is in place, while liquid biofuels could gradually also replace oil-based fuels." Electricity from the grid is most likely ...

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