Mississippi River

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Major flooding is expected in Mississippi river during May-June

The Swedish Club issued an alert on the unprecedented increase that the Upper Mississippi river is expected to experience. Specifically, the rises of 6 to 7 feet are expected on the Upper Mississippi above the junction with the Ohio River, according to forecast of May 1, from Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center, LMRFC.

USCG warns towboats for strong currents in Mississippi River

The US Coast Guard published an alert for towboats, warning them for very strong currents at the Lower Mississippi River. Namely, three marine casualties led to the sinking of towing vessels, while one of them resulted in a fatality. USCG says that it is vital for vessel operators to provide a wide berth when maneuvering around any other vessel or object.

Gard: High water on Mississippi river can lead to high costs

As the Gard Club informs, high water and strong currents in the Mississippi River can lead to delays and additional costs being incurred. The high-water season is often said to run from December to May, with the highest water being usually seen from February to May. However, this is not the only high water season, as high water can take place at many times and has sometimes lasted from January until August.

Skuld of P&I Club warns of grounding risk in Mississippi

The Skuld P&I Club reports that they have seen a recent increase of groundings and other incidents in Mississippi River and two of these groundings involved Skuld entered vessels. The Club advises all operators whose vessels are or soon will be operating in the US Gulf / Mississippi River Range to be mindful that the Mississippi River High River Season has started.


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