Mississippi River

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US begins Mississippi river ship channel deepening

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) began the deepening of the Mississippi River Ship Channel, which will provide a draft of 50-feet from the Port of Baton Rouge to the Gulf of Mexico—more than 256 miles of the Mississippi River. 

NTSB investigation: Workboat sinking in strong river current

NTSB issued an investigation report on the capsizing and sinking of the workboat MSRC 8-1, resulting in two fatalities while at Boothville Anchorage, Lower Mississippi River, in January 2019. The report highlighted an unforeseen risk associated with conducting the exercise in a strong current, although the company’s safety procedures and crew training were adequate. 

Breakaway barges hit Upper Mississippi River

On Wednesday 13 February, the US Coast Guard along with several local authorities responded to a multi-barge breakaway close to the Upper Mississippi River. Specifically, the breakaway occurred near mile markers 176 and 177 of the river.

Rise of lost anchor incidents in Mississippi

Standard Club informed that it has seen a recent increase of incidents involving lost anchors, which are potentially related to high water levels in the Mississippi river.

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