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Ocean Cleanup solves previous technical challenge

The Ocean Cleanup announced that after a 6-week testing campaign, its main technical challenge is solved by modifying the system to move at a consistent speed through the plastic. The slow-down configuration was most effective in the trials.

Canada to ban single-use plastics

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that the Government is taking additional steps to reduce Canada’s plastic waste, support innovation, and promote the use of affordable and safe alternatives. These measures will be based in scientific evidence and will align with similar actions being taken in the EU and other countries.

Shipping Industry: Ready for the “Green Tide”?

Getting closer to 2020, our industry is under pressure to innovate sustainably and show its change-ready profile to the strict climate-alerting regulations. While remarkable progress has been made, it is of much interest to look where the inefficiencies lie as well as how close we are to properly manage CO2, SOx & NOx challenges and meet the goals and aspirations set by IMO.

UK to get its first ever rubbish bin made from recycled plastic

The UK’s first rubbish bin made from recycled plastic aims to encourage people reduce plastic pollution at the sea, will be presented in Blackpool next week. The project aims to prevent plastic waste ending in the sea, by making the disposal of litter a more conscious action. The bin will be located on the Blackpool promenade, reminding to keep its beaches clean, and its a collaboration between GreenSeas Trust and Blackpool Council.

Plastic pollution may be even worse than thought, research finds

Scientists have found 414 million pieces of plastic debris on remote islands. That is the result from a survey of plastic pollution on the beaches of Australia’s Cocos Islands. These findings suggest that the problem of plastic pollution may have been underestimated, as the majority of plastic pollution may actually lie below the surface.

APL partners with Ocean Cleanup

APL announced that it will be providing free shipping to The Ocean Cleanup, a non-government, non-profit organisation working to develop advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. APL will be transporting containers of components and equipment for the extraction of plastic pollution from the oceans from 2019 to 2020.

Over 120 tons of sea debris collected in Abu Dhabi waters

Safeen, an Abu Dhabi Ports subsidiary and a provider of integrated marine services in the Middle East, has collected more than 120 tons of floating sea debris in Abu Dhabi waters during 2018. Of the total collected material, the company recycled over ten tons. The establishment of the Environment and Anti-Pollution Department at Safeen used a special boat which was responsible for the collection of tons of floating debris.


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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