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Year in Review: Environmental issues that caught shipping’s eye in 2018

Another exciting year is coming to an end. With only few days left until the end of 2018, SAFETY4SEA looks back on the events that defined the environmental stage of the shipping industry. 2020 sulphur cap, scrubbers, LNG, emissions; these are all topics that made the headlines throughout the year. But let’s take a closer look at those topics, which now are at the core of the shipping industry.

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ECSA discusses about shipping GHG emissions reduction

ECSA and MEP Wim van de Camp yesterday organised a seminar in the European Parliament to discuss the IMO initial GHG emissions reduction strategy for shipping. The initial strategy was adopted in the 72nd session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee of the IMO in April this year. The initial IMO strategy proposes a reduction in GHG emissions form international shipping by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008, and at the same time it will pursue efforts towards phasing them out entirely. Edmund Hughes, Head Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency, IMO, highlighted the complex negotiations in order to reach the agreement. He noted that "some Member States of the IMO were saying that in 2050 due to climate change they will literally not exist anymore, as they are small island states." From his side, ECSA Secretary General Martin Dorsman stated: The shipping industry will no doubt face many challenges in reaching this target. A one size fits all approach will not be feasible and the shipping industry needs support, especially on the funding side and the regulatory side to remove barriers to innovation. The whole European maritime cluster is in an excellent position to meet the challenges and make ...

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Moving towards an Arctic HFO ban

During April the Marine Environment Protection Committee agreed to move forward on developing an Arctic HFO ban. The ban on the use and carriage of HFO as fuel in the Arctic was co-sponsored by eight countries: Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand.

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