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The use of data in a marine accident investigation

Following the crash of the giant cruise ship ‘MSC Opera’ at the dock on the Giudecca Canal in Venice earlier this week, Mike Travis, Principal Inspector of the UK MAIB explained how technology can help accident investigators determine what happened.

MSC Matilde boxship tilts at dock in Port of Liverpool

A total of 23 crew were safely evacuated from the container ship ‘MSC Matilde’, after the vessel reported a significant list in dock at the Port of Liverpool, UK, in the early morning hours of 24 May. The ship was reported to have 2,184 containers onboard, the majority of which were empty.

Crewmember attacks and injures three shipmates

The container ship MSC Marta had to interrupt its voyage from Dominican Republic to Santos Brazil on January 28, and head for Guyana, after a crew member attacked three others. Namely, the crewmember injured the cook, and engineer and a fitter. In fact, cook’s wounds requested immediate medical assistance, and he was medevaced.

1,220 metric tons of debris collected after MSC Zoe overboard incident

In the latest situation update, Geneva-based Mediterranean Shipping Company confirmed that significant progress has been made in the clean-up operation in the North Sea and on the beaches of the Netherlands and Germany, after 281 containers were lost overboard the mega container ship ‘MSC Zoe’ last week. In total, 1,220 metric tons of debris has been collected.

43 containers still to be located after MSC Zoe overboard incident

The Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management Rijkswaterstaat and Geneva-based shipping giant MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) have located a total of 238 out of the 281 containers that were lost overboard the mega container ship ‘MSC Zoe’ last week. 

MSC to pay the full cost for MSC Zoe clean up

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company announced that it will pay the full costs of the clean-up of the 2 January MSC Zoe container spill. The company will continue searching the sea for the containers which fell overboard, ‘until the last one is found’. 

Netherlands deploys troops to help in MSC Zoe clean up operation

The Dutch Government decided to deploy troops in order to help in the clean up operation for the over 200 containers that fell from the MSC Zoe containership on January 2. Relevant authorities are warning people not to touch the containers, as some of them contain dangerous chemical substances.

MSC starts clean up operation after containers fall from container ship

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company informed that it has started a clean-up operation in response to a substantial spill of containers in the North Sea. Namely, the mega container ship MSC ZOE lost over 200 containers during the night from January 1 to January 2 in North sea during rough weather.

MSC container ship experiences mechanical failure on West Scheldt

The container ship ‘MSC Arushi R.’ experienced troubles on October 17, while it was sailing on the West Scheldt, near Hansweert, in Netherlands. The troubles were probably caused by mechanical failure. The container ship experienced the problems while it was going to Wilhelmshaven from Antwerp.

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