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UK signs agreement with Mauritius to transfer suspected pirates for prosecution

Mauritius is the latest in a series of countries to agree to take suspected pirates for prosecution Mauritius is the latest in a series of countries to agree to take suspected pirates for prosecution.This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) allows for the transfer of suspected pirates from Royal Navy vessels to Mauritius for prosecution. The UK has signed MOUs with the Seychelles (2010) and Tanzania (2012).The UK is leading international work with countries in and around the Indian Ocean to build penal, judicial and law enforcement capacities, and to encourage regional states to change national laws to allow prosecution of cases where they have been detained at sea with piratical equipment, but no actual piracy attack can be proved.We particularly want to see an end to pirates being captured and then released purely because there is nowhere to prosecute and imprison them. We must break the piracy business cycle. A key part of achieving this is the willingness of countries in the region to take suspected pirates for prosecution.Today the Prime Minister joined a meeting between FCO Minister Henry Bellingham and Mauritian Prime Minister, Dr Navin Ramgoolam in Downing Street to sign an agreement which will allow the Royal Navy to ...

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EU and Mauritius sign agreement for transfer of suspected pirates

Suspects will be prosecuted and tried under Mauritian law On 14 July, the EU and the Republic of Mauritius signed an agreement on the transfer and prosecution of suspected pirates.This agreement defines the conditions and modalities for the transfer of persons suspected of having committed acts of piracy, detained by EUNAVFOR within its area of operation and on the high seas off the coast of Mauritius, Madagascar, the Comoros Island, Seychelles and Réunion Island.Under this agreement, EUNAVFOR may transfer suspected pirates and associated seized property to the competent law enforcement authorities of Mauritius for the purpose of investigation and prosecution. Mauritius will assess whether there are reasonable prospects of securing a conviction before accepting the transfer.The agreement specifies that transferred suspects will be prosecuted and tried under Mauritian law. Article 4 of the agreement sets out individual rights and minimum guarantees for suspects awaiting trial.The agreement also defines the obligations of both parties as regards records, notification and handling of seized property and evidence.The agreement applies provisionally and will enter into force when the parties have concluded their internal procedure for the ratification of the agreement.In the context of this agreement, the European Union has allocated a EUR 3 million ...

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