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UAE ports to handle increasing container traffic

The UAE's position is seen as a key import and re-export hub The UAE's position as a key import and re-export hub, has seen its ports in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah and others handling increasing amounts of container traffic, as demand for goods and services throughout the region rises. According to recent estimates, the amount of container traffic handled by UAE ports in 2010 was 11.6 million TEU, up four per cent over the previous year. The performance of the region in the second half of 2010 saw a return to peak levels previously seen in 2008 with 6.1 million TEU handled in the six month period.Large-scale developments underway in the region, such as the mega terminal project in Jeddah, which will double existing capacity to 15 million containers annually by 2020, are set to transform the current scenario in the near future. Another mega-development that is sparking tremendous interest regionally is the ongoing construction of the multi-billion dollar world-class deep water port at Meesaid in Qatar.Increasing globalisation and international trade is spurring the demand for greater transport, logistics and communications facilities the world over. This has fuelled the drive to create improved facilities such as ports, air terminals, ...

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