maritime piracy

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Pirates kidnap 20 crewmembers off Togo

According to reports, six pirates boarded the Marshall Islands-flagged tanker “Duke” on December 15, Sunday, which was sailing from Luanda, Angola, to Lomé, Togo and abducted all 20 but one crewmembers; This marks the largest incident taking place in West Africa for 2019.

Pirates free “Elka Aristotle” crew, 1 dies

Following the abduction of four crewmembers from “Elka Aristotle” tanker off Lome, Togo, the managing company of the Greek-flagged tanker announces that three of the crewmembers taken are free. However, the company reports that one of the four kidnapped crew, of Filipino nationality, has died, in what it is understood to not be a from actions by those holding the crew hostage but due to illness.

Suspected Nigerian pirate arrested at Schiphol

A Nigerian man suspected of kidnapping the crew of a Dutch cargo ship last year was arrested upon arrival at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands at around 10 a.m. on Thursday, December 5, after being extradited from South Africa.

Port of Pemba to deal with potential attack

Located in the far north of country, the Port of Pemba has recently assured stakeholders that it has undertaken all the necessary security measures in order to protect its facilities as has been granted the International Ships and Ports Security (ISPS) Code by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

West African nations fail to organize proper piracy response

 Togolese President Faure Gnassingbe has stated that West African states’ failure to coordinate their response to piracy off their coastline is the reason why attacks are still apparent. Bloomberg reports that while the 15 states and western partners signed a pact in 2013 to collaborate in the fight against piracy, the region still accounts for 40% of the world’s reported incidents.