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EU Naval Force Welcomes Decision by Seychelles to Prosecute Suspect Somali Pirates

Prosecution for 11 suspect pirates capture by EU NAVFOR The Republic of the Seychelles agreed to accept for prosecution 11 suspect pirates who were captured by EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) frigate HNLMS Van Amstel on Friday 11 May.Suspect pirates who were captured by EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) frigate HNLMS Van AmstelThe 11 suspect pirates had pirated an Iranian dhow with 17 innocent Iranian fishermen onboard at the beginning of May and it is thought the dhow was probably related to the unsuccessful attack against MV Super Lady on Wednesday 9 may. The suspect pirates are expected to be handed over to the Seychelles authorities in the coming days.Source: EUNAVFOR

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Raid On Somali Pirate Bases In Line With UN Resolutions

EU is working jointly with international partners to combat the menace The European Union on Tuesday defended the first-ever raid carried out by its naval forces on pirate bases on the Somali mainland earlier in the day, insisting that the operation was in accordance with a previous resolution of the U.N. Security Council on piracy.In a statement released by her office, EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton welcomed "the successful operation conducted by EUNAVFOR Operation Atalanta to disrupt pirates' logistical dumps in Somalia, which is in accordance with the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1851 (2008), as updated with UNSCR 2020 (2011)."Noting that piracy continues to adversely affect shipping in the oceans off the coast of East Africa, the statement said the EU was working jointly with Somali, regional and international partners to combat the menace.It said piracy was threatening peaceful maritime commerce in the affected region, weakening and undermining the economy of countries neighboring Somalia and imposing additional costs on the "world's shipping industry as well as personal costs on the 200 mariners still in captivity."According to the statement, EU's comprehensive approach to the problem includes action against pirates at sea, action to constrain the financial benefits of piracy, and ...

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IMO signs strategic counter-piracy capacity building partnerships with UN agencies and EU

Conference on Capacity Building to Counter Piracy off the Coast of Somalia The commitment of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia through boosting capacity building in the region has been underlined with the signing of five strategic partnerships with a number of UN agencies and the EU, following a Conference on Capacity Building to Counter Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, held at IMO Headquarters in London on 15 May 2012.The Conference was attended by some 300 delegates from States as well as a number of organizations. It saw presentations on capacity building as a mechanism to tackle the piracy issue, focusing on matters such as building maritime infrastructure and law enforcement capacity and the implementation of the Code of Conduct for the Repression of Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in the Gulf of Aden and the Western Indian Ocean (Djibouti Code of Conduct), which had been the subject of a Ministerial meeting held at IMO on 14 May, also at IMO.The Ministerial meeting was attended by Ministers, Ambassadors and senior officials of the States participating in the Djibouti Code of Conduct, as well as representatives of the donor States to the ...

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Pirates Threaten to Kill Hostages if Attacked

Harardhere Pirates tell EU NAVFOR to Stay Away After European anti-piracy naval forces (known as EU NAVFOR) carried out their first air strike on Somali soil destroying speedboats and step ladders belonging to the pirates in Harardhere district of Mudug region, Somali pirates threatened to kill the hostages if they are attacked again, according to pirates in Harardhere who spoke Somalia Report on Wednesday evening.Ali Mumin, a pirate from the Ilays group which released the Italian-flagged MV Savina Caylyn for $11.5M last year, explained the ultimatum."Yes, they attacked us last night and destroyed two speedboats, and three step-ladders, but there weren't any casualties. We will not allow them to attack us again. Next time our response will be to kill the hostages we hold. We have a lot of hostages so if they want them to live, they will stop these airstrikes," he told Somalia Report.Omar, a pirate in Harardhere who refused to give the name of the group to which he is aligned, also vowed retaliation."Our threat is for the Europeans. We have Greek and other European hostages. If they think we are weak, they better think again. We have hostages to use for revenge. We promise if they ...

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Ghana’s Oil and Pirate Activities in the Gulf of Guinuea

A Cause for Great Concern THE RECURRENT pirate activities in the Gulf of Guinea and the increasing threat of terrorism in neighbouring Nigeria has raised grave security concerns to oil shipments in the West African sub-region and these are invariably too close for comfort to Ghana's oil installations.Target countries of these pirate activities over the period have been those off the coast of the Gulf of Guinea such as Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon among others.In February 2012 alone, reports had it that, eight oil tankers were hijacked in the Gulf of Guinea, off the coasts of Nigeria, Benin and Cameroon; a number that almost doubled attacks from the previous month.The International Maritime Organization also reported 45 incidents of piracy in 7 countries that boarder the Gulf of Guinea since the beginning of the year 2012. Last year, the numbers rose to 64 incidents in 9 countries. In the first 2 months of this year, the IMO recorded 10 incidents.The complexity of the modus operandi of pirate activities in the Gulf of Guinea has made it very difficult to trace hijackings and where they offload their ransom. It is widely believed that transnational mafia groups could ...

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Countries Fearing Piracy Lawsuits Reject Regulating Armed Ship Guards

More than 25 percent of vessels in the Gulf of Aden use armed guards Governments don't want to regulate standards for private armed guards on the world's ships, employed to protect vessels against hijacks by Somali pirates, in case they get sued, the United Nations' shipping body said.It's no accident the International Maritime Organization (IMO), representing 160 countries, hasn't taken responsibility, Chris Trelawny, deputy director of the IMO's maritime safety committee, said at a conference yesterday.The committee, scheduled to meet in London May 16-25, will discuss the lack of international guidelines for armed guards firing on suspect pirates."If I'm your hypothetical no-win, no-fee lawyer, I'm not going to go after the private security company that hasn't got any money," Trelawny said at the Tradewinds Marine Risk Forum in London. "I would go after the shipping company. And if I haven't got any money there, I'm going to go after the flag state. That is where flag states are getting worried as to how much liability they want to take on board."Flag states refer to governments that register vessels, which in return fly a country's flag and comply with its laws on the high seas. Panama, Liberia and the Marshall Islands ...

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High-seas drama at Somali piracy trial in Italy

Suspected pirates face up to 20 years in prison A high-seas drama with Kalashnikov and rocket-propelled grenade fire gripped a Rome courtroom at the trial of alleged Somali pirates Tuesday, as EU forces blasted a pirate base for the first time."We're alive by a miracle," said an emotional Stefano Mariotti, a crew member on board the Italian-flagged Montecristo cargo ship when it came under attack by pirate speedboats off the coast of Somalia on October 10, 2011.Mariotti and the 22 other crew members managed to avoid being taken hostage by the pirates by sealing themselves in a special area of the engine room and overriding the pirates' attempts to steer the ship towards Somalia."I sent an SOS signal from our satellite phone. When we saw them loading a second grenade, we ran to the citadel," said Mariotti, looking at the eight suspected pirates behind bars on the defendants' benches.The first grenade hit the Montecristo's chimneystack -- the second one detonated a few second later after the crew fled, blowing up the bridge.The crew remained locked for more than 24 hours with no contact with the outside world, as the pirates used explosives and crowbars to try to force their way ...

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Somali piracy: EU forces in first mainland raid

EU naval forces have conducted their first raid on pirate bases EU naval forces have conducted their first raid on pirate bases on the Somali mainland, saying they have destroyed several boats.The EU forces were transported by helicopter to the pirate bases near the port of Haradhere.Anti-piracy forces have been reluctant to attack mainland bases, fearing for the crew of captured ships.Somalia-based pirates have seized vessels across the Indian Ocean and demand huge ransoms for their release.They are believed to be holding about 17 ships and 300 crew.The latest incident involves the Greek-owned oil tanker Smyrni which was hijacked in the Arabian Sea last week.The Liberian-flagged tanker carrying 135,000 tonnes of oil is reported to be heading for Somalia.BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner says the attack on the land base is a significant development in the fight against Somali piracy.The EU recently agreed to expand Operation Atalanta to allow forces to attack land targets as well as those at sea, and this is the first time its forces have used the new rules to attack a base on the mainland.The attack was carried out overnight and, according to the European forces, no Somalis were hurt during the action.The multinational forces ...

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Got a Pirate Problem? There is Even an App for That

ICODE MDA project The Department of Defense will begin funding an Office of Naval Research (ONR)-sponsored project aimed at developing Web applications to help multinational navies police the world's oceans, officials announced May 14.The International Collaborative Development for Enhanced Maritime Domain Awareness (ICODE MDA) was one of 14 projects selected by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics to receive $1 million awards beginning this fall through the Coalition Warfare Program, which funds international collaborative research efforts.The ICODE MDA project is a research alliance between ONR and Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific). ONR is partnering with scientists in Chile to build widgets, or Web-based applications, for use by sailors and maritime operators to analyze data and other information to combat pirates, drug smugglers, arms traffickers, illegal fishermen and other nefarious groups."A lot of maritime threats occur in developing parts of the world," said Dr. Augustus Vogel, associate director for Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa in ONR-Global's Chile office. "Our goal is to develop partnerships with countries that have maritime threats to help solve those problems."ONR will tap researchers at the Technical University of Federico Santa Maria, one of Chile's ...

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