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EU provides protection to keep seafarers safe off Somalia

As the pirate attack on fuel tanker Aris 13 showed, armed pirates still have the intent and capability to get out to sea to attack vessels. During the past week the EU Naval Force Spanish flagship, ESPS Galicia, and French frigate, FS Courbet, have conducted combined counter-piracy patrols off the coast of Somalia.

Somali pirates hijack vessel to use as mothership

Pirates have taken over a small Somali boat aiming to use it as a base to attack larger ships. This is the second attack in March since the hijacking of Aris 13 vessel earlier in the same region.

Singapore: Supporting ReCAAP ISC’s Roadmap for the Future

Singapore recently participated in the 11th Governing Council meeting and endorsed the roadmap and strategies to strengthen ReCAAP ISC as a Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing on piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia by 2020.

Somali pirates release Aris 13 without ransom

EU Naval Force in Somalia and OBP finally confirmed that the fuel tanker Aris 13 and its crew are safe and on their way to safe port after the armed pirates departed the ship.

Pirates hijack first ship since 2012 off Somalia

The EU Naval Force has received positive confirmation from the master of the Comoros-flagged tanker, Aris 13, that his ship and crew are currently being held captive by a number of suspected armed pirates in an anchorage off the north coast of Puntland, close to Alula. Now the pirates are demanding a ransom for the release of the vessel and its crew.

Cargo ship escapes attack by pirates off Boan Island

The Vietnamese-flagged general cargo ship Phu An 268 was attacked by pirates in Philippine waters off Boan Island, on March 5. However the captain of the vessel together with ESSCOM managed to escape the attack.

Crew kidnapped from BBC Caribbean released

Nigerian pirates have released eight crewmembers after they were kidnapped from the German-owned general cargo ship BBC Caribbean off the coast of Nigeria last month, the Russian embassy has confirmed, Russian news agencies report.

ONI report for 16-22 February 2017

The Office of Naval Intelligence has issued its Piracy Analysis and Warning Weekly Report for 16 – 22 February 2017. According to the report, pirate and maritime crime activity in East Africa waters is at a low level. ONI also published Worldwide Threat to Shipping report, which provides info on piracy threats to, and criminal action against, merchant vessels worldwide, in period 23 January – 22 February 2017.


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