maritime piracy

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Seafarers significantly concerned over criminalisation

Nautilus International heard the results of the Nautilus Federation report regarding criminalisation in the shipping industry. The results show that approximately 90% of the seafarers questioned, expressed concerns about the issue, while two thirds said it impacted the way they felt about working in the profession.

Watch: BW LPG honors crew for thwarting piracy attack

Singapore-based owner of gas carriers BW LPG informed that one of its vessels, the ‘BW Frigg’ became subject of an attempted piracy attack on 29 October, but the attack was successfully thwarted by the ‘fast reflexes’ of the crew. To honor the crew for their bravery an appreciation ceremony was held onboard.

Chennai 6 crew acquitted by Indian court

The six British maritime security guards of the MV Seaman Guard Ohio, known as the ‘Chennai 6’, have won their appeal against false weapons licence charges in the India Appeal Court, on Monday.

Seafarers' payment during piracy discussed at ILO meetings

ILO Working Group of the Special Tripartite Committee (STC) held a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, from April 3 to 5, to examine issues related to the protection of seafarers’ wages when they are held captive on or off the ship as a result of piracy of armed robbery against ships.

New OBP report explores piracy’s impact on seafarers

A new joint report by OBP and OEF Research, both programs of the One Earth Future Foundation explores the long-term impact of piracy on seafarer and family recovery. It is based on a series of interviews and structured surveys collected from 465 seafarers in India, the Philippines, and Ukraine.

ITF renews support to MPHRP

ITF Seafarers Trust renews support for a humanitarian response to seafarers subjected to maritime piracy

Violent Crime Against Seafarers

MPHRP highlights the hardship inflicted upon seafarers and families Responding to recent articles and reports on current levels of maritime…

MPHRP supports Captain arrested for piracy to bid farewell to his son

The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) has today on behalf of the unfortunate family of Captain Sunil James written to the President of Togo to kindly request hid support to allow Captain James, without any further delay, to return India and perform the last rites of his son, Vivaan, who died on 2 December 2013.