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New Zealand: Four recreational boating fatalities so far in 2018

Maritime NZ, New Zealand’s shipping safety agency, released drowning statistics related to recreational boating, noting a significant progress with only four boating fatalities in 2018 compared to previous years. The agency provided simple advice for boaties to help keep that number down.

Skipper fined over ferry grounding in Wellington

A skipper has been fined $1,688 after speeding and grounding the passenger ferry ‘City Cat’ in New Zealand. The ferry grounded at 17 knots, in a 5 knot area, on a rock at Karaka Bay on 16 April 2017. Maritime NZ informed the skipper did not have the correct navigational charts, did not maintain proper look-out and had repeatedly traveled at excessive speed prior to the grounding.

Learn from the past: MV Rena grounding

This October marked the 7th anniversary from New Zealand’s worst marine environmental disaster: The grounding of the Liberian-flagged container ship ‘Rena’ on the Astrolabe Reef resulted in a 200 tonnes HFO discharge into the water, while it is acclaimed as the second most expensive salvage operation in maritime history.

Lessons learned: Toolbox meeting could have prevented broken leg

In the latest edition of its Lookout publication, Maritime NZ describes a case of a severe leg injury onboard a dredge, highlighting that the owner company employed an engineering firm to assist with a repair and did not hold a toolbox meeting with the engineering firm and all staff members.

Lessons learned: Fire in cargo hold caused by light bulb

Maritime NZ issued its Lookout report, analyzing a series of maritime casualties and providing useful lessons learned. In the first of the cases, the agency describes a fire in the cargo hold of a container ship due to the heat from a 500 watt light bulb, while the ship was in port on NZ East Coast in late 2017. 

NZ changes rules for recreational boats after deadly yacht accident

On the aftermath of a fatal accident that killed two crew members of the yacht ‘Platino’ back in June 2016, Maritime NZ announced changes to safety requirements for recreational vessels leaving New Zealand ports for overseas, and for other recreational vessels in New Zealand waters.

Skipper ordered to pay $17,500 after running over a diver

New Zealand’s North Shore District Court has ordered an Auckland boatie to pay $17,500 in reparation, after running over a diver and seriously injuring him. Maritime Rules impose a speed limit of 5 knots (9 km/h) within 50 metres of a person in the water and 200 metres of a boat flying a dive flag.

Improper lookout, light reflections lead vessels to collide

Maritime NZ prosecuted the master of one of Fullers Group Limited’s Auckland ferries, Seaflyte, which had collided with a recreational boat. The skipper was charged under the Maritime Transport Act, and has been fined $2,000 after admitting not keeping proper look-out. No one was injured on either vessel.

Skipper fined over fishing boat’s grounding in New Zealand

The skipper of the fishing boat ‘Lady Sarah’ pleaded guilty and was fined $2,000 by New Zealand’s Christchurch District Court, after the vessel ran aground on Kaitorete Spit near the entrance to Lake Ellesmere, back in December 2016, due to improper look-out, leading to the vessel’s total loss.


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