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Maritime NZ considers changing seafarer certification fees

Maritime NZ, New Zealand’s shipping safety agency, announced the opening of a consultation on 6 November, on changes to the maritime levy and fees. Among others, the agency is considering changing seafarer certification fees that currently range from $372 to $1105 to a fee of $368, with the balance from the Maritime Levy.

Maritime NZ: Tackling fatigue at sea

Maritime New Zealand issued an infographic, focusing on seafarers’ fatigue, as the root cause of many marine accidents. A number of things can lead to fatigue, including long or irregular work hours, sleep disruption, extreme environmental conditions, physical and mental work demands, and stress.

New Zealand: MLC enters into force next March

Maritime New Zealand reminds that ILO Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) will apply to New Zealand ships from 9 March 2017. After this date, Maritime NZ will be able to inspect for compliance with the Convention on foreign-flagged ships in New Zealand ports.

SeaCert now in force

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) announced the official introduction of SeaCert – the new domestic certification framework for New Zealand seafarers.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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