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USCG stops illegal charter operation in Miami

The US Coast Guard terminated the voyage of the 147-foot yacht Golden Touch II with 47 people onboard near Nixon Beach, on Sunday August 19. This came after USCG discovered a number of safety issues, including carrying more paying passengers than they were certified to carry onboard the vessel.

How to achieve EU GDPR compliance in shipping

North Club highlighted the steps to be taken by the industry ahead the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which enters into force in May 2018. The GDPR will update current data protection legislation by requiring businesses who deal with EU citizens to be transparent about how they use their data. The costs of non-compliance are potentially very high.

How to prevent stowaways in South African ports

Skuld P&I Club reminded of the potential for an increase in stowaways trying to gain access to vessels in South African ports during the holiday period. From February 2017, the Club had 26 stowaway claims in Durban and 12 stowaway claims in Cape Town.

USCG: How to avoid illegal passenger vessel operations

Credentialed mariners who work for multiple vessel owners/operators should be aware that if they accept employment from an illegal operation, they risk not only passenger safety, but their own credential, livelihood, and reputation, USCG notes.

Operators should ensure purchase of asbestos-free products

It is not enough for procurement departments to simply say that materials should be ‘asbestos-free’ and more needs to be done to specify what this means as part of their standard terms and conditions of business, says Lucion Marine, a hazardous materials management specialist.

Infographic: How illegal fishing threatens crew safety

Pew Charitable Trusts issued an informative infographic revealing that the financial drivers behind illegal fishing can lead to poor safety and labor conditions for vessel crews. When stocks are overfished, fishers’ catch and income are reduced.

Shipowners Club advises on safe navigation at Hidrovia

The Shipowners Club informed that it has recently recorded several collision incidents in the narrow channels and bends of the Hidrovía, South America, due to wrong position of the vessels whilst performing passing manoeuvres. 

USCG, partners terminate illegal boat charter operations

During the past two weeks, the US Coast Guard and Illinois Department of Natural Resources boarded 39 boats in the Chicago area, terminating the voyages of 22 vessels for conducting illegal charter operations on Lake Michigan and the Illinois River. 

UK MCA informs of wreck and salvage law

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency issued an updated notice, advising on the roles and responsibilities of the Receiver of Wreck and the law relating to wreck and salvage, as well as on the responsibilities and rights of wreck owners and salvors, and how to report wreck material.

USCG, Navy conclude safety mission

The Coast Guard and Navy completed a 18-day joint mission in the Central and South Pacific, under the Oceania Maritime Security Initiative to combat transnational crimes, enforce fisheries laws and enhance regional security.


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