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Lessons learned from fatal one metre

During hold-cleaning operations, the crew were using a ladder and a high-pressure water jet to remove cargo residue from the sloping upper hopper bulkhead. The crew member on the ladder lost his balance and fell backwards on to the tank top, striking his head. 

Migrants onboard Sea-Watch accept food after refusing eating

Sea-Watch, after being stranded at sea for up to 17 days reported, through Twitter, episodes of people refusing to eat. Yet, on December 8, Sea-Watch gave an update, stating that people started eating again. According to the rescue vessel approximately 49 migrants stranded off the coast of Malta, started eating again after refusing since no European ports offer them a safe port.   

Crewmember accidentally drinks thinners stored in mineral water bottle

IMCA informed of an incident when a trainee Electrical Engineer drank from a mineral water bottle in the engine room workshop, which contained thinners rather than water. ETO realized that it was thinners and spat out most of the contents. He then drank salt water to induce vomiting in order to get any thinner out of his body. 

Coast Guard medevacs ailing Indian crew off Albay

An Indian crew member of a Bermuda-flagged cargo ship was medically evacuated by the personnel of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Albay around 12:00PM January 25, at the vicinity of Albay Gulf Anchorage Area.

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