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Port of Helsinki issues COVID-19 tips for passengers

Following the ongoing pandemic, the Port of Helsinki provided instructions to passengers in efforts to mitigate the risks of coronavirus, while also gave an overview of the measures taking place in terminals in Helsinki.

Estonia postpones cruise ship calls until May, amid COVID-19

The Estonian Government announced the implementation of restricted measures in efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including the postponing of cruise ship calls in its ports until May 1, 2020. In addition, the port states that they have not received any more cancellations from cruise ships, but they will continue closely monitoring the situation. 

Panama Ex. Director ensures port as low-risk operation amid COVID-19

As Panama confirmed of its first coronavirus case, Wayne Stubbs, one sea port representative, ensured that the Panama City Port is safe given that the biggest concern for the time being is cruise ships. He added that although the biggest concern for the shipping industry is cruise ships, it’s a situation Panama does not have to deal with.

Coronavirus: Impact on UK ports

Hill Dickinson law firm an Associate Member of the British Ports Association (BPA), issued a paper on the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the UK ports sector. The paper highlights that the possibility of a serious outbreak cannot be overseen.

Disruption in Chinese ports because of labour shortage

Due to the spread of Covid-19, disruption is being reported in Chinese ports, because of shortage in available labour. As Standard Club informs, the extension of the lunar new year holiday is a significant factor but in some cases workers are absenting from work. 

Coronavirus situation at French ports

Following the Coronavirus outbreak and the measures taken by all sectors of the shipping industry, France issued details concerning French ports and how they deal with the situation. Also,the live map launched to provide a clear picture of where the new virus has been detected, as well as the number of fatalities shows today, February 13, that the coronavirus has cost the lives of 1,369 people, while confirmed cases exceed 60,000.

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