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Seafarers on Danish ships no longer need Danish health certificates

Starting from 1st September, seafarers on Danish ships no longer need to hold Danish health certificates, the Danish Maritime Authority announced, in line with a changing scheme for medical examinations of seafarers and fishermen. Instead, the certificate must follow international rules.

Psychology tests no longer needed for compliance with PEME

The American P&I Club informs of a change in the Pre-employment Medical Examination (PEME) Program. The change regards the psychology tests, which the American Club will no longer require to ensure compliance with PEME. The Club also requested all clinics to update their PEME price list given this change. A new price list will be posted in due course.

Denmark eases medicine handling onboard ships

Denmark introduced new regulation, aiming to simplify the handling of medical supplies for survival craft and the handling of medicine onboard Danish ships abroad. Upon the new regulations become effective on 1 July 2018, the requirement for ships’ medicine to be bought from a Danish pharmacy will be abolished.


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