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WHO provides free e-learning COVID-19 courses for seafarers

As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought several challenges to the maritime sector and most importantly to seafarers, the World Health Organization (WHO) provides free e-learning courses addressing health issues and operational matters.

Partnership provides digital medical services for seafarers onboard

Two partners joined forces to provide medical services to seafarers onboard commercial ships and cruise liners, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, Allianz Care, the health brand of insurance conglomerate Allianz Partners, has partnered with maritime health technology provider Tritan Software.

Autonomous tasks may result to seafarers’ boredom

A research published in the International Maritime Health journal alerts that automated onboard tasks for seafarers may reduce attention and vigilance, increase the risk of accidents, and lead to higher levels of smoking, drinking, eating disorders and addictive behaviours amongst crew members.

New product ensures crew are safe

A new product from international ship supplier Hutton’s will help ensure crew are able to operate safely within the law – which is particularly important as legislation to strengthen safety at sea comes into force.

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