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Vessel hygiene to prevent COVID-19 spread

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than ever maintaining a good housekeeping onboard can help prevent the virus spread. In view of this, the American P&I Club reminds key tips which are important to follow in general for a safe workplace onboard a vessel.

Requirements on placing 200-bar medical oxygen cylinders onboard

The Republic of Marshall Islands issued a Notice informing about the requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG Code), concerning their decision on allowing 200 bar oxygen cylinders to be replaced with those of an equivalent capacity.

Inert Gas onboard: Key safety precautions

Inert gas is an asphyxiant due to the low oxygen content and contains low oxygen levels for life support, CO2, CO, NOx, SOx and traces of other substances. In addition, some of its components (e.g. carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, etc.) are toxic. Thus, all personnel onboard need to be aware of potential hazards.

APM Terminals in Kenya offer eye test for truck drivers to enhance safety

APM Terminals collaborated with non-profit group TwoBillionEyes Foundation to offer free eye tests and corrective glasses for truck drivers. The move seeks to create new employment opportunities and improves terminals’ cargo shipping. As explained, truck drivers’ unclear vision affects safety of the people and the efficient operation of the terminals.

Crew severely injured after e-cigarette battery explodes

The Standard P&I Club informed of a recent personal injury incident after a crew member suffered severe burns to his right leg when a spare e-cigarette battery carried in his coverall overheated & exploded. The short circuit was mostly attributed to the keys carried in the same pocket.

New Code of Practice on safety and health management adopted

The new code wants to address the many changes in the industry, including the use of robotic systems, over the last 43 years since an earlier code was adopted by the ILO. It emphasizes on a preventive approach based on occupational safety and health (OSH) management systems, management of change and safe work plans.

UK MCA amends its Code of Safe Working Practices

UK MCA released an updated version of the ‘Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seafarers’ in late December 2017. The amendments advise on  improving health and safety of seafarers primarily on board UK registered ships. 

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