maritime data

ABS, Mission Secure to leverage data for real-time monitoring and cyber defence

ABS announced a partnership with Mission Secure to provide cyber protection. Based on the FCI Cyber Risk Methodology, the incorporation of the MSi platform aims to provide ABS with better cyber defence of industrial control systems that operate modern vessels and offshore platforms. FCI Cyber Risk Methodology provides a way to count and quantify risk.

IACS: Data assurance of computer-based systems onboard

IACS recently issued a report supplementing the UR E22 on digital data assurance of Category I, II and III computer based system onboard, STS and ships to shore systems. Data Assurance may be intended as the activity for enforcing the security of data generated in computer based systems onboard.

Cyber security in the EU GDPR framework

The implementation of the GDPR from May 2018 comes with many challenges for all organizations as they will need to adopt new business practices, internal policies, technical and organizational measures. Extensive training in data protection and privacy legislation is a critical factor for the success of GDPR.