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Removal of containers from ONE Apus likely to take several more weeks

Removal of collapsed containers from the ill-fated ONE Apus will likely take several more weeks to complete, as the owner company ONE Line intends to conduct repairs to the vessel’s deck simultaneously with the discharge operation, according to shipping claims consultancy WK Webster, which is involved in the case.

Cargo losses from ONE Apus may reach USD200 million

With a total of 1,816 containers lost overboard and what looks to be thousands more collapsed throughout the deck of ONE Apus, cargo losses, on the basis of average containerized cargo values, may reach USD200 million or more, according to shipping claims consultancy WK Webster, which is involved in the case.

New guide launched for cargo claims in Brazil

Representacoes Proinde have produced a guide to cargo claims in Brazil. Brazil is a cargo-owning nation, and there has been little or no interest from the civil society and lawmakers over the years in getting the country to adopt global conventions on carriage of goods, Steamship Mutual says.

Increased limits of liability expected in Singapore

Singapore has recently implemented the 1996 Protocol to the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims 1976 (LLMC 1976). Therefore, effective from 29 December 2019, operators can expect increased limits of liability for maritime claims.

IGPI issues its Annual Review

The International Group of P&I Clubs has published its Annual Review which provides an overview of the Group, key activities and areas of engagement.

Guidelines launched to handle maritime pollution claims

EMSA created some guidelines aiming to provide guidance to claims arising because of maritime pollution incidents. The guidelines include a step by step process to handle such incidents, from the first hour until settling the claim.

US Court decides on bystander emotional distress claims

In the US a shipowner may face emotional distress claims from third parties, passengers or crew who witness traumatic events that take place on or near an associated ship, Standard Club informs. As a result, a crew may not claim compensation for emotional damages solely from witnessing the death of another without showing physical trauma or the fear of physical trauma from witnessing the event.  

Marine cargo market faces fast changes, IUMI says

Speaking at IUMI’s (International Union of Marine Insurance) annual conference in Toronto, Canada, Sean Dalton, Chair of IUMI’s Cargo Committee reported that the marine cargo market is in a state of ‘accelerating change’, driven by underwriters taking action to address unprofitable results and to improve performance.

Global marine insurance premiums rise 1%, amid uncertain market development

The International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) presented its analysis of the latest marine insurance market trends. Specifically, marine underwriting premiums for 2018 were recorded at USD 28.9 billion, marking a single percentage point growth from 2017. According to IUMI, with significant challenges facing the market, the modest increase is not significant to indicate an upturn in the fortunes of the marine insurance sector.

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