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Soviet submarine emits radiation 30 years after it sank off Norway

The Soviet nuclear submarine ‘Komsomolets’ is still emitting radiation at the bottom of the Norwegian Sea, where it sank in 1989, a new scientific expedition revealed using a remotely controlled vehicle for the first time. The highest level measured in a sample was 800,000 times higher than normal.

Denmark fines Total for chemicals discharge in the North Sea

Denmark has put a fine on French oil and gas major Total, of 500,000 Danish crowns ($75,145) for discharging chemicals in the North Sea, by a company it acquired in 2017, according to the Danish broadcaster DR. The former oil unit of Maersk, Maersk Oil, was reported to the police by the Danish environmental protection agency, back in 2017.

Solomon Islands bay see another fatal spill

According to Guardian, a second major oil spill occurred in the Solomon Islands bay turning the sea water red; The affected area is the same where Solomon Trader ran aground due to unexpected gale at Kangava Bay, Rennell Island, on 4 February, causing an environmental disaster. 

Partners to turn collected non-recyclable plastic waste to fuel

Partners collaborated in order to remove the non-recyclable plastics from the North Sea and deliver it, after conversion, as a clean transportation fuel to the CIV Texel fishing fleet. The agreement stated that the participating fishermen will take all non-recyclable plastic waste from their fishing nets to shore.

Ten measures to regulate a proportion of container traffic

Surfrider Foundation Europe published a report discussing container loss and its impact in the marine environment. In the meantime, the Association recommends ten measures to regulate a proportion of container traffic, thereby cutting the number of annual container losses.

Watch: Ocean Cleanup to test new system’s speed

Over the coming weeks, the Ocean Cleanup will perform several tests to slow down or speed up the system. At the initial stage, the team will start the first test to attempt slowing down the system. The latest version of this design, dubbed System 001/B, has arrived in the patch after eight days of transit.

Ocean Clean up begins operations in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Following the announcement made on June 24, that the Ocean Cleanup is ready to re-begin operations, it is ready to operate in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch this summer. The latest version of this design, dubbed System 001/B, has arrived in the patch after eight days of transit.

Nike trainers threat the marine environment washing up on beaches

BBC highlighted the hazardous environmental impact of containers falling overboard, even when they are empty. The discussion focused on ‘Maersk Shanghai’ container vessel that sank in 2018 and the majority of the containers it was transferring were lost in sea.

Ocean Cleanup restarts operations

The Ocean Cleanup announced that it will re-deploy the revamped System 001/B last week. Specifically, the system is scheduled to arrive at the test scene on June 25. The system halted operations as it faced a couple of challenges. 


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