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What’s on the agenda for MEPC 72?

MEPC 72nd session will take place from 9 to 13 April 2018, at IMO Headquarters in London. MEPC 72 will focus on five key issues: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships; Implementation of sulphur 2020 limit; Ballast water management treaty implementation; Measures to reduce risks of use and carriage of heavy fuel oil as fuel by ships in Arctic; and Marine litter.

How plastic pollution harms marine life

One of the most concerning problems that our oceans are facing nowadays – if not the most important – is plastic pollution. Plastics are the cause of increasing ocean pollution, which in turn affects marine life, and consequently humans as well. However, there are easy steps that everyone can follow, in order to eliminate this matter.

Operator, Master convicted over oil and garbage pollution

Tank vessel operator Sea World Management & Trading, Inc. and Captain Edmon Fajardo were sentenced for maintaining false and incomplete records relating to the discharge of oil and garbage from an oil tanker that was operating off the coast of Texas, according to the US Department of Justice. 

The Ocean Cleanup to assemble first cleanup system in Alameda

The Ocean Cleanup and the City of Alameda announced that they have signed a lease agreement for portions of the former Alameda Naval Air Station, a peninsula known as Alameda Point. Located on San Francisco Bay, this is the site where assembly of the first cleanup system will begin within the next month.

Preventing ships’ garbage pollution

The latest amendments to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships MARPOL Annex V address the disposal of cargo residues and garbage handling in Polar waters. It also provides the new format for the garbage record book, which will used from 01 March 2018.

Top 5 sources of marine pollution

Many of our waste products end up in the sea and then can move through the ocean, endangering marine life through entanglement, ingestion and intoxication. The Sea Change, a project funded from EU H2020, cited the top five sources of marine pollution and the implications they create for marine life.

Ships emissions can be seen in the clouds

Some of the pollution particles generated by ships are soluble in water and serve as the seeds around which cloud droplets form. Clouds filled with ship exhaust have more and smaller droplets. This caused the light hitting the clouds scatter and NASA has released an image illustrating to appear brighter.

China to launch oil spill treating laboratory

China will undertake a new initiative regarding oil spills at sea, as the country’s Ministry of Transport will create a laboratory for treating oil spills at sea, which will be the first of its kind in China. The laboratory will be located in the port city of Tianjin and will be granted an initial investment $63 million. The investment regards research projects for ocean protection and improvements in sea-borne transportation.

Plastic causes disease outbreaks on coral reefs

A recent study estimated that approximately 11.1 billion plastic items are entangled on coral reefs across the Asia-Pacific region; a number that is expected to increase as well, to 40% until 2025. Plastic waste management is critical for reducing diseases that threaten ecosystem health and human livelihoods.

USCG continues boat removal operations after Hurricane Maria

The US Coast Guard informed that the Hurricane Maria Emergency Support Function 10 (ESF-10) Puerto Rico urges vessel owners in need of assistance to call the Hurricane Maria Vessel Hotline to request free support to remove a vessel, report a vessel removal plan, or report a vessel that has already been removed.


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