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Port of Cape Town explores use of helicopters for pilot transfers

Transnet National Ports Authority is considering to introduce a helicopter service at the Port of Cape Town to boost efficiency of operations in heavy weather conditions. The move comes on the aftermath of the recent serious weather-related disruptions in Cape Town that affected port operations and pilots transfers.

Preventing Fixed and Floating Object incidents whilst under pilotage

While the number of Fixed and Floating Object claims has remained stable, the number of high value claims has risen alarmingly in the last two years, West P&I Club informed. The Club has seen a succession of extremely costly FFO claims occurring whilst vessels are in harbours or rivers and proceeding under pilotage. 

Watch: The fire that two IMO-awarded pilots faced in Houston

A new video released online depicts the magnitude of the danger that two Houston Pilots encountered after their ship broke down and burst into flames, following collision with mooring dolphins. The two pilots, Captain McGee and Captain Phillips, were the receivers of the IMO’s Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea 2017, in July.

Canada reviews maritime pilotage Act

The Canadian government announced that it concluded the Pilotage Act Review, aiming to enhance safety in marine transportation. The final report recommends strengthening five key components of the legislation: its purpose and principles, governance model, labour structure, safety framework, and tariff setting process.

Watch: How pilots board onto moving ships in Arctic

The video, published by ViralHog, depicts how a maritime pilot is boarding to a moving ship, near the coast of Hailuoto, Finland, when the harsh Arctic conditions won’t allow pilot boats to sail. The film is reportedly dated on 2 April 2018, as the Ro-Ro cargo ship ‘Tavastland’ headed for the Port of Oulu.

Bridge Procedures: Bridge preparations for voyage departure

Many maritime accidents are caused by errors of bridge personnel and inadequate bridge procedures. In order to reduce this number, deck department has to be well prepared before a vessel’s departure for a voyage at the sea. These preparations may include many complexities and this is the reason why a bunch of things should be considered and prepared carefully, to ensure a smooth voyage passage and safe navigation.

Richards Bay pilot transfer helicopters grounded

Helicopters for Marine Pilot transfers at Richards Bay S.A. are currently grounded due to the discovery of cracks which were found after an investigation prompted from the helicopters manufacturer. The replacement of the parts has already been made and the helicopters are expected to be back in service by 13 April 2018.

Saab provides Marine Pilot System to DanPilot

DanPilot’s goal is to improve the productivity and cost-effectiveness of pilotage operations, while ensuring a high level of safety. The system includes optimisation and management of pilot boat services, ground transportation and pilot services, and a comprehensive rostering, planning and dispatch solution.

Two die after pilot boat capsizing in Finland

Two people died after the pilot boat ‘L242’ capsized and sank on Friday, while on its way to pick up a pilot from ‘Stern Nordic’ tanker, off Porvoo, in the Gulf of Finland. Divers found the bodies of the two men inside the boat’s interior compartments, shortly after midnight.


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