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Canada reviews maritime pilotage Act

The Canadian government announced that it concluded the Pilotage Act Review, aiming to enhance safety in marine transportation. The final report recommends strengthening five key components of the legislation: its purpose and principles, governance model, labour structure, safety framework, and tariff setting process.

The role of pilots in safe navigation

The latest issue of the Navigator, a free publication by The Nautical Institute in association with the Royal Institute of Navigation, explores what is involved in being and working with a Pilot. Most pilotage areas have an increased risk of groundings and collisions, which is why having a Pilot on board is mandatory.

Shipping safer with maritime pilots, IMO says

Maritime pilots are a strong and essential link in the structure that underpins the safety of international shipping. This was the message delivered by IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim to the 70th meeting of the International Maritime Pilots’ Association (IMPA) in Rome

New legislation on pilot liability effective in Italy

The Standard P&I Club informs that a law was published in the Official Gazette last month introducing certain amendments in respect of liability for port pilots. The new regime became effective on 3 January 2017, amending relevant sections of the Italian Code of Navigation.

Canada announces changes to waiver system

The Canadian Pacific Pilotage Authority announced changes to its waiver system, primarily with regard to tugs and barges transporting petroleum cargo products, following a review of the recent Nathan E. Stewart tugboat incident in Bella Bella.

ICS pilotage, towing and mooring survey 2016 now underway

The role of the pilot in mitigating the potential economic and environmental risk from today’s large vessels is one of the most important in maritime safety. In recognition of this, the ICS has embarked upon its first comprehensive survey of pilotage, towing and mooring services provided in ports and terminals around the world.

Crew’s unwillingness to challenge pilotage leads to casualty

The Standard P&I Club has issued a pilotage bulletin to review the main features of pilotage in key maritime jurisdictions.Under English law, Section 742 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1894 has defined a pilot as “any person not belonging to a ship who has the conduct thereof”.

Communication and team work vital during pilot operations

A joint study by UK P&I Club and Solis Marine Consultants found ‘human error’ and the breakdown of communications on the bridge is a major contributing factor in claims and advises that communication and team work vital during pilot operations.

New poster published on safe navigation

The Marine Accident Investigators International Forum (MAIIF) in conjunction with the International Maritime Pilots’ Association (IMPA) have recently published a new poster designed to highlight the importance of sharing information during pilotage.


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