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RMI investigation: Poor risk assessment linked to Pilot’s fatal fall

The Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator issued an investigation report on the fatality of a Pilot while disembarking a ship and attempting to transfer from the pilot ladder to an escort tugboat off the Port of Tuapse, Russia, in the early morning hours of 30 December 2018. 

Collision linked to poor communication between Pilot and Master

Japan Transport Safety Board (JTSB) issued an investigation report on the collision of two container ships while Hanshin Port, Kobe Area, Japan, in May 2018. The incident resulted to no fatalities, but it highlighted issues associated with poor communication and misjudgment. 

Watch: The fire that two IMO-awarded pilots faced in Houston

A new video released online depicts the magnitude of the danger that two Houston Pilots encountered after their ship broke down and burst into flames, following collision with mooring dolphins. The two pilots, Captain McGee and Captain Phillips, were the receivers of the IMO’s Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea 2017, in July.

Two die after pilot boat capsizing in Finland

Two people died after the pilot boat ‘L242’ capsized and sank on Friday, while on its way to pick up a pilot from ‘Stern Nordic’ tanker, off Porvoo, in the Gulf of Finland. Divers found the bodies of the two men inside the boat’s interior compartments, shortly after midnight.

UK Club: Good communication vital for safe manoeuvring

While manoeuvring along a river channel, a tanker contacted the jetty, due to lack of control being exercised in the navigation of the vessel. The UK P&I Club provided a description of what happened and important lessons learned to prevent similar cases in the future.

Unattended bridge can be dangerous

In the latest issue of its Safety Digest, UK MAIB presents a case where a chief engineer of a vessel rushed to meet the pilot of a pilot boat leaving the bridge unattended. UK MAIB provides a description of what happened and important lessons learned from this in ordered prevent similar cases.

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