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Cepsa launches three new emissions focused marine lubricants

 Cepsa has launched three new marine lubricants designed specifically for slow-speed two-stroke crosshead engines used in large ships.These new lubricants come at a time when there are new fuel qualities available and ships must change fuel and lubricants depending on the voyage they are undertaking. The products allow engines to adapt to new  legislation that aims to improve the control over emissions.International authorities such as the International Marine Organization (IMO) and MARPOL (Marine Pollution) have set regulations lowering the amount of sulphur used in Heavy Fuel Oils used in marine fuels by ships to 0.1% within Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECA).The new lubricants allow engines to produce power more effectively with lower fuel consumption ratios.The three products are made using high quality base oils and specific additives that provide a high heat resistance, as well as better protection against corrosion generated by sulphur in the fuel, high temperatures and the pressures of today´s engines. As such, demands for high durability are guaranteed in these lubricants.CEPSA GAVIA 7050 is a lubricant aimed at engines that use a fuel with a sulphur content between 1%-3.5%. CEPSA GAVIA 2550 is aimed at ships navegating in SECA zones that require fuels with a maximum ...

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