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Thordon Bearings enhances portfolio

Thordon Bearings informed that it has expanded its Global Service and Support division to meet market demand for installation and maintenance support of its product portfolio. GSS expansion includes installation, commissioning, maintenance and shaft/stern tube alignment services.

Shell Marine offers new lubricants management programme

Shell Marine says it has launch a ‘new and unique’ solution for the lubricants management which combines purchasing options, services and an extensive range of lubricant products in a multi-faceted strategy, addressing its customers’ most pressing operational concerns.

SKF explains how new marine lubricants are put to the test

SKF issued a release, noting the importance of choosing the right oil in seal lubrication procedures, in order to ensure they last in the extremely demanding conditions they are exposed to. In this context and, as the range of marine lubricants on the market is surprisingly diverse, SKF provides information on how oil must be subjected to testing.

ExxonMobil receives approvals for EAL

ExxonMobil’s Mobil SHC Aware Gear Series, a range of high performance Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL), has received approval by leading marine gear and seal manufacturers.

Thruster builders, including Nakashima, HHI Hyundai and KTE Nakashima Korea, have endorsed use of the oils following approvals by seal manufacturers Kemel, BVI and Hwaseung R&A.


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