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Mombasa Port stakeholders take measures to tackle illegal wildlife trade

Last week, 76 port and maritime supply chain representatives from 12 countries got together in a Port Stakeholders’ Workshop to agree on measures regarding wildlife trafficking through Mombasa Port, the largest port in Africa and key exit point of African wildlife trafficking, highlighting the urgent need for action against illegal wildlife trade.

Port of Vancouver completes clean up of municipal waterways and shipping channels

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority announced the completion of its Fraser River Improvement Initiative. This is a two million dollar, five-year program that started in 2013 to clean up municipal waterways and shipping channels from derelict boats and structures along the Fraser River. Work on over 150 identified sites took place, with the port contacting owners and, where possible, working with them to ensure safe removal of structures or boats.

Port of Rotterdam to create 16 tide pools in Calandkanaal

The Port of Rotterdam Authority will construct 16 tide pools along the north side of Calandkanaal. These pools ensure that water is retained for a longer time in the pools during low tide. The pools will embed raw concrete basins in the banks of the waterway. The pools will become mini ecosystems, something that is largely absent in modern ports.


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