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Design of system capable of removing plastic from the ocean

The culmination of the 2019 Design Challenge of RINA and the Institute of Marine, Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST), held by the Western Joint Branch took place on Monday, December 2. The challenge is a biennial competition for those in the earlier stages of their careers aimed at developing their problem solving; teamwork and management skills outside of their usual environment. More specifically, the subject for this year was to design a system capable of removing items of macro plastic from the oceans.

Ocean Cleanup to transform plastics to products, verified by DNV GL

Overcoming challenging and barriers, the Ocean Cleanup brought the first batch of ocean plastic to shore following their first mission to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which will be transformed into products, then sold to contribute to the funding of the project. Thus, DNV GL was selected to ensure the origin of the plastic debris.

Watch: Ocean Cleanup to test new system’s speed

Over the coming weeks, the Ocean Cleanup will perform several tests to slow down or speed up the system. At the initial stage, the team will start the first test to attempt slowing down the system. The latest version of this design, dubbed System 001/B, has arrived in the patch after eight days of transit.

Ocean Clean up begins operations in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Following the announcement made on June 24, that the Ocean Cleanup is ready to re-begin operations, it is ready to operate in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch this summer. The latest version of this design, dubbed System 001/B, has arrived in the patch after eight days of transit.

More microplastics are hidden in the ocean than the surface

The highest levels of microplastics are seen at more than 650 feet below the surface. Anela Choy, who studies the things that deep-sea creatures eat, has resulted to often studying plastics; Over the years, plastic would show up again and again in the stomachs of certain fish. She, then, realised that the plastic must be going down to them. 

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